Mexican Memories

Thank goodness it’s Tuesday night!

I have a hot date with Nick, Maggie, the couch, LOST, and White Collar so I better hurry :)

In between bathroom trips outside and finishing up work today, I had a coconut cream pie Larabar.


This is definitely one of my favorite flavors. The coconut oil gives it such great depth and keeps it from tasting like just a date bar with coconut mixed in.

As soon as I finished work today, I got started cleaning the house. We didn’t get to it this weekend and going back to work right after the trip hasn’t helped, either.

I dusted, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed the downstairs before Nick got home. Isn’t is crazy how just cleaning a little makes the house feel SO much better?

It wasn’t horribly dirty or anything, but Maggie drags in little sticks and pieces of grass, and her paws are always wet after walking in the snow in our yard.

I was just about to start working on dinner, but Nick suggested going out since he had to go drop off a prescription and those dinner-at-home plans went out the window!


Truth be told, Nick and I both felt a bit defeated after our days at work today, so having a fun dinner out together was good for us.

As were the margaritas!


This local Mexican place JUST got its ABC license so we had to celebrate the fact that we could finally order a margarita.

I got their special tonight which was Nachos Supremos.


I never get nachos – and they were good.

The nachos were loaded with:

  • beans
  • chicken
  • lettuce
  • peppers
  • onions


I added on a healthy layer of their spicy salsa before digging in. :) The chicken was super spicy and had my nose running while I was eating – but it was definitely a good spicy.

And Nick had a burrito the size of his forearm!


Isn’t that nuts?

When Nick and I were still dating, we went to this Mexican place in Arkansas for dinner and he ordered something called a “Burrito Loco”. Believe it or not, it was bigger than the one pictured above! That burrito was seriously the biggest one I’ve ever seen.

I bet him that he couldn’t eat it all, and the winner would pay for the other person’s dinner.

He totally surprised me and finished the entire thing! I bought dinner, and I guess the rest is history. And he still orders those huge burritos.


I’ve got to get comfy and catch up on LOST before the new episode.



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  1. I completely forgot I had that coconut larabar, and with my new found love of coconut oil I just might love that, too :-)

  2. MMMMmmm. Margaritas are the BEST part of eating Mexican out!

  3. I agree, coconut Lara’s are the best I’ve tried. Its a close call between that and the PBandJ.

    I love impromptu weeknight dates. So needed sometimes in the middle of a hectic week.

    Glad you enjoyed some awesome nachos and a relaxing marghareti!

    Have a nice relaxing night love.

  4. I have been needing a margarita soo badly! That one looks good! Too bad I have class tonight, or I would totally do it.

    Hope your week gets easier.

  5. Is that a double helix on Nick’s arm?

    • no, but I told him about this comment and we both thought “it does kind of look like that in the picture!” :) It would make sense since he’s a scientist, too ;) It’s actually an ichthus.

  6. A little bit of cleaning makes all the difference.

    I love your little story from your dating experience. My favorite one from Hunni and my dating life is that he kindly shared 1/4 of a cake he bought at a bake sale but wouldn’t share with anyone else. Should have known then since the guy loves his baked goods :-)

  7. That is my second favorite larabar flavor…right after PB&J!

  8. Oh a margarita sounds fantastic right now! Perfect way to treat yourself after a rough day :)

  9. Mmm nachos, definitely my fave Mexican dish. (Unless margaritas count?)

  10. what a HUGE burrito!!!! that all looks great girl-u deserved it!

  11. i always think of tuesday as mexican (food) day. taco tuesday no? alliteration is the way to be ;)

  12. Yum, that mexican food looks awesome!

  13. I’ve never gotten a chance to try the Coconut flav Lara Bar, but I am a fan of all the rest, so I bet I would love it!

    It’s funny you mentioned the burritto eating contest between you and Nick. We had one between me and some college buddies awhile back at Qdoba! Man, I could barely finish half! :-S

  14. Going out for (a giant yummy burrito) dinner is sometimes all it takes to wipe away the work day. Amen.

  15. i LOVE that larabar flavor too!

    the mexican looks amazing, that burrito is giant! did he dominate it this time around? that is a cute story about you guys dating :)

    love you!

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