Family Resemblance

Going through our pictures from Spain is SO fun, but it makes me miss it even more than I already do! I can’t wait to post the rest of the recaps – there are a few posts I’m really excited to put together ;)

Nick and I had some eggs + cara cara oranges this morning, but I can’t find my pictures? I had my eggs over oatbran (the best!) and some Kona – it was a good way to start the day. Much better than yesterday, too, since my oatbran didn’t explode on me.

Since I went into the office yesterday, I’m working from home today. That means a fun lunch!


I got a bunch of Progesso soups a while ago when I held the giveaway, and Nick and are slowly working through them. We both had a can yesterday for lunch, and I broke out the Chicken Noodle today.


The temperature today is pretty mild, but it’s really foggy/misty/gray outside so it seemed like the perfect day for a bowl of soup.


To pump up my lunch, I had some celery with TJ’s 3-layer hummus and a slice of my honey wheat bread I made 2 weeks ago (recipe coming soon).


Homemade bread is ridiculous. This 1/2 loaf has been in the fridge/freezer since we left, and it still tastes amazing.


Family Resemblance

Wow – almost all the comments from my Spain post this morning were about how much my family looks alike! We definitely do – except for my little sister. She doesn’t have the really dark hair/dark eyes, but she does have my mom’s face.

I think I’m a mix of my mom + dad for sure, but seeing pictures of me and my mom remind me of how much I do look like her – it’s crazy how similar we look in some pictures! I’m pretty sure I have my mom’s face with my dad’s nose :)


Who you do resemble most in your family?

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  1. Hey there, we really do look alike. I am enjoying the posts you have done so far, can’t wait for the rest of them.
    Love, Mom

  2. I think I look like my mom but people have told me I look like all of my siblings, including my sister who I feel I look nothing like.

  3. I probably look the most like my mom, but not really anyone else in my family :)

  4. I noticed this, too but didn’t say anything lol. I look like my dad, but act just like my mom

  5. I look just like my Dad! Everyone comments on it haha

  6. This is a bit random, but I wanted to let you know that I picked up some cara cara oranges after seeing them on your blog, and they are WONDERFUL!!!

  7. I look a lot like my mom but I really can’t see a resemblance with my sisters. Other people tell me they see it though.

  8. I look like the spitting image of my mom. We’re told that everytime we are together.

  9. i’m told that i look 100% like my sister but only by strangers. my family thinks we look like opposite sides of the family haha

  10. i thought you guys looked alike, too! i am told i look like my dad.

  11. I am the exact opposite of my mom appearance wise, I look just like my dad! But it’s quite obvious to me that my personality is a 50/50 mix of my parents’ personalities haha

  12. I look a lot like my Mom. If you put our baby pictures together the only difference is that hers are black & white and mine are color. In pictures now people comment on how much I look like my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) as well.

  13. I resemble my mom A LOT !
    Also i want that hummus!

  14. Everyone tells me I look like my dad. I think I share features from both though.

    Now my sister and I look NOTHING alike. No one knows we are related. Haha, funny how that happens. :)

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