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My name is Lily, and I write a blog called Lily’s Health Pad where I discuss eating, exercising, and living healthfully while on a budget.

As you probably know, Brandi is vacationing in Spain. So, I hope you don’t mind my short takeover of her blog. When Brandi announced her need for guest posters, I jumped at the opportunity. As an avid reader of her blog, I am constantly impressed by her simple and delicious approach to cooking and meal planning.

Today, I’m going to introduce you all to baking with coconut flour. I’m also going to share a recipe for peanut butter muffins. It’s probably my favorite coconut flour recipe. Not to mention, it’s simple and delicious, so I know Brandi would approve!

Baking With Coconut Flour 101

Coconut flour is simply the fiber from coconut meat after most of the oil has been extracted. For those with allergies and intolerances, coconut flour is a wheat- free, gluten-free alternative to traditional flours. But coconut flour can and should be enjoyed by all. Even those without allergies will enjoy cooking with this product because baked goods that contain coconut flour always have a great texture and a hint of coconut flavor. Plus, coconut flour has some impressive nutritional stats. Check ‘em out below.

¼ cup coconut flour contains:


Fat- 8.4 grams

Carbohydrates- 33.2 grams

Protein-9.8 grams

Fiber-21 grams

Here are a few more tips and facts that will aid you in baking with coconut flour:

1) Coconut flour is quite dry on its own, so recipes using coconut flour almost always include more eggs than a traditional recipe.

2) You can replace up to 20% of the flour called for in a recipe with coconut flour. Just make sure you add the same percentage of liquid to the recipe.

3) When baking with coconut flour, don’t worry if your batter seems runnier than usual. Coconut flour’s high fiber content makes it very absorbent. During baking, the coconut will absorb much of the liquid.


Now, onto my favorite coconut flour recipe!

Peanut Butter Muffins

(yields 6 muffins)


· 3 eggs

· 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted (you could sub oil or butter)

· 5 tablespoons sucanat (you can sub brown sugar)

· ¼ cup natural peanut butter

· ¼ teaspoon salt

· ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

· ¼ cup coconut flour

· ¼ teaspoon baking powder


· Blend together eggs, oil, sugar, peanut butter, salt, and

vanilla extract.

· Combine coconut flour with baking powder and whisk into batter until there are no lumps.

· Fill 6 muffin cups halfway with batter.

· Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. (Makes 6 muffins.)


You’ve got to try this recipe! It makes scrumptious muffins that have a delightful texture.

Swing by Lily’s Health Pad and let me know if you like cooking with coconut flour as much as I do!


  1. These sound absolutely fantastic. I love experimenting with different ingredients :)

  2. anything with peanut butter is bound to be tasty! is coconut flour more expensive than regular?

  3. Awesome guest post :D I’m really impressed with coconut flour’s stats (I didn’t know coconuts had all that protein?!) The muffins look delicious!

  4. Yum! I am gluten free and have done a ton of baking with almond flour and have really been wanting to try coconut flour! Thanks for the great info!

  5. I’ve never heard of coconut flour but I’m definitely going to try it now!!

  6. Oops…those nutritional stats are wrong!

    1/4 coconut flour has:
    120 calories
    12 grams fiber
    4 grams protein

  7. I absolutely LOVE coconut flour! I bookmarked your blog so I can make those muffins stat =) Coconut and peanut butter are easily my favorite ingredients, so I’m definitely jumping on the chance to make a recipe that includes both of them ;)

    So glad I came across your blog! xoxo

  8. I’ve always wanted to try coconut flour, but I was never really sure how to use it! This recipe sounds great – definitely a must try for me!

  9. just made these about 10 minutes ago. really tasty!

    i think they’d do well in the mini muffin tins and without the sugar if someone wanted to make them for, say, their dog’s birthday! ^_^
    (i automatically put the sugar in, so i’ll just share a little with my pup. he turns 14 tomorrow!)

  10. I added Ghiradelli mini chips and I can’t wait to try them. They are baking in the oven as I type.

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