Guest Post: Guide to Fabulosity

Hey all! I am writing this post for the fabulous Brandi who is off on vacay…try and hold your jealousy of her fabulous trip for a moment and try not to miss the pics of all of her yummy and delicious dishes too much. (Easier said than done!)

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gina of Effect A Change .

Just as a brief introduction, I’m a college student who’s re-learning how to eat, exercise, live, love and be happy. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Some of my favorite fabulous things:




I don’t make the best decisions every day…or every week…or every month! But, I try my hardest every day, and over the past year I have learned soo much! One of the most intrinsic tid bits I’ve learned, is that every day can be fabulous, it really and truly can! And that, my dears, is the subject of this post. :)

Get ready for an acronym to beat all acronyms!

F – Food! Oh man, I can recall so many points in my life that involved way too much food and way too little food. But with all of those ups and downs, you’ve got to think – this must be pretty important to effect my life so much! And it is! Food is more than just nutrition (although that’s really important!) it’s something that we connect with emotions, and family, and community. In order to be fabulous, you’ve got to have great food in your life. (Not that I need to tell all you fabulous bloggies that ;-)) I think Virginia Woolf said it best, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, unless one has DINED well.”

A – Attitude. Fake it ‘till you make it. There are days when we wake up with the funkiest of bed heads or the surliest of moods, and you know, you’re the only one who knows that. The whole world doesn’t know that you did poorly on a test, or you’ve got a rip in your tights. Maybe that rip is supposed to be there! Maybe you actually aced that test! The point is, you are the only person who knows your shortcomings in your day – so just fake it! Project a sunny disposition and a happy attitude, and no one will be the wiser. In fact, having this great mood may turn your view of your day around – then there’s no more need to fake!

B – Believe. Believe you can do better, be better, live better. So often we get bogged down in the present (I know I sure do!) and think that there’s no way to dig ourselves out of whatever hole we imagine we’re in. But you know what? Every day we should wake up wanting something, striving for something. Otherwise, what is the point of living? Believe that you have those things to strive for and that you can achieve them.

U – Ugly. Banish this word from your vocabulary. And while you’re at it, take out all those other derogatory words as well. (You know the ones!) It might be hard at first, but I’ve found that the moment we forgive ourselves for our bodies, our hearts – whatever is weighing us down, we can overcome it. Give yourself positive messages. “Great outfit!” “Damn, that was a good dinner you made!” People respond well to praise, and giving yourself a pat on the back instead of a shove could be just the boost that you need.

L – Love. Yeesh, this is a hard one. From someone who has had their heart broken, it can be hard to put yourself out there to be hurt again. So even if you’re not ready to try for love again, just realize that you deserve to be loved. Love yourself! Love others! Putting the vibes out there will bring them back to you times ten.

O – Own. Own your mistakes and failures. Own your accomplishments and successes. Take ownership of everything that makes you, uniquely you.

U – Umpire. Think of that little guy behind the batter in baseball, he gets to call what’s a strike and what’s a hit. What’s in or out. You get to do that in your own life too. Is somebody bogging you down? Do you have one too many commitments that are stressing you out? You have the ability to make the call about what is a strike or a home run in your own life. Keep the good, ditch the bad.

S – Smile! Self! Sustain! Smile to yourself and about yourself, and you will sustain an amazing mood and draw others in to your good time as well.

Keep these things in mind, and add a healthy dose of oats, nut butter, and a walk in the park – and you, my bloggies, are more than ready to lead your most fabulous life. I like to say that I am, “constantly on the VERGE of fabulosity.” I like to live as if I’m almost there, but not quite, because I always have questions and room to learn about everything from food to fitness to family and friends. But, we can all change and grow. Effect whatever change you need to in yourself today, all it takes is one choice to change your life. :)


  1. fabulous post ;) great words to live by

  2. What a great guest post! I really like the A-attitude. This is a tough one to pull off every day… but learning how to do so can really make a difference in all areas of the day! Thanks!

  3. The Verge of fabulosity! I love it. Great post.

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