Windy Wednesday

Happy Humpday! Wednesdays are always good because it means the week is half over, but today is especially good for me because it’s my “Friday”!

Breakfast in the house today was slim pickins, so I’m glad I bought this muffin while we were out during lunch yesterday.


I made a green smoothie this morning with:

  • almond milk
  • spinach
  • 1 packet Amazing Grass (my last one!)
  • 1/2 banana


And had this vegan pumpkin muffin from Our Daily Bread. They have just the right amount of spice + sweetness in these pumpkin muffins. And they go great with green smoothies!


Not a bad way to start the day ;)

We’ve got the bags packed and ready, so the only thing we’ll have left to do when we  get home is to pack the car and get Maggie and Roxy!

I can’t believe the trip is finally here!!!

Too bad I still have a full day of work ahead of me :\ I’d like to start vacation right now!


Best souvenir you’ve ever bought on a trip?


  1. It’s my Friday too! Yay! Have a great trip :-)

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! I can’t wait to see pics & read all about it… :)

  3. i didn’t buy it, i smuggled it: passarine feathers from australia. shhhh…!

  4. I can’t believe your trip is this close! I wouldn’t be able to focus at ALL!

  5. Yay for an early Friday!!!! Pictures always end up being my favorite ‘souvenir” from a trip.

  6. I hope you have an awesome trip! Hopefully, today will fly by for you!

  7. Yeah for the trip finally being here.

    Best souvenir I ever bought was a woven hammock in Brazil that we used to sleep on the boats on the Amazon. When I got home I hung it in my room and slept in it for months for memories.

  8. Woo-hoo! Have a great trip, powered by what looks like a delish muffin :-)

  9. Ah! You’re almost there. Will you be able to keep up with blogging while you’re away?

  10. my blue and white skirt from zara (great store-all over europe, and some parts of the us/canada, and cheappp) that i bought 9 years ago, and skill wear.
    20 euros and a skirt that’s outlasted 95% of my wardrobe? heck yes!

  11. What a yummy looking muffin! WOOHOO for leaving!! My favorite purchases are usually clothes because they have stores/shops that you can’t find here.

  12. Have a wonderful trip!

    Yay for in-laws who watch pets!!

  13. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! i literally cannot wait for all of your spain recaps – that country is BEE-YOU-TI-FULL! i miss it so. safe travels my lady :)

    best souvenir? kitchy t-shirts, antique store/random trinket finds and anything that has misspellings. in thailand, they misspelled everything in english, and it was hilarious!

  14. I can never focus on the day of a trip! Too much excitement going on!

    My favorite purchase while on a trip was a tiny painting of Venice, Italy. I love it so much!

  15. Have a wonderful trip! I know you’re going to have so much fun! Aren’t you gonna miss all that snow ;)? I love how organized you are – I think you have prepping for a trip down to a science!

    My favorite souvenir? I think it has to be be my little blue murano glass plate from Italy. I managed to keep it in one piece on my flight back home!

    Have fun and take care!

  16. Ahh I cannot believe you guys are leaving!

    Best souvenir? Probably the scarves I bought in Paris two years ago. I still wear them all the time. Who knew scarves were going to be so in style? I didn’t ;)

  17. hope you have an amazing trip!

    my favorite souvenir to buy is a Christmas ornament -its such a great way to remember the vacation every year =)

  18. Have a great trip!! I have so much Amazing Grass I wish I could actually have it!

  19. Oh yum.. love green monsters!!! Especially with pumpkin scones..

  20. You’re probably on your way already, but I just wanted say HAVE FUN one more time!!!

  21. Have a great trip, can’t wait to read all about it!

    By far, my best souvenirs have been pictures!

  22. have a BLAST on your trip girl!!
    that muffin looks awesome!

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