Maggie cuddled me down last night, and I never got back up to blog!

After work was over, I cleaned the house while waiting for Nick to get home and then got started on dinner.

All was going well until I actually started cooking. Do you ever have those times where everything just kind of goes a little wrong?

That’s how it was last night.

First, the pan I was using wasn’t working good. The potatoes were sticking, even though I had a good amount of oil in the pan.

So, I switched out the pans which meant it took twice as long for the potatoes to cook.

By the time we sat down to eat dinner, it was after 8 pm! Even with all the problems, it was a good frittata and I’m excited to have leftovers tonight.

Once we got everything cleaned up from dinner, I laid down on the couch with Maggie and just fell asleep. Oops!

Fast forward to this morning, though, and everything is going pretty good!

  • I remembered to set my alarm
  • Work is delayed right now because we’re getting MORE snow! Already about 4 inches right now
  • We gave our smelly puppy a bath this morning
  • I’m having a pretty good hair day
  • I had an awesome breakfast
  • Nick made coffee :)


Because of the delay, I got to take advantage of the sunlight this morning – or the reflection off the snow, actually.


While I was cooking Nick’s oatmeal, he saw my diced apple and decided he wanted some too, so I made double the apple oats today.

My bowl had:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 small local apple, diced and microwaved with cinnamon for 2 minutes
  • 2 Tbsp craisins
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb



I love the apple + craisin + pb mix! So good I didn’t even miss the chocolate or butterscotch.


Speaking of snow…


I’m wondering if it will ever stop here?


I’m not worried so much about the snow here, but our connecting flight to Spain on Thursday is supposed to leave from Philly which is getting SLAMMED with snow again today and tomorrow.

I hope they have another place they can route us through to get us there! I guess we’ll see. I just don’t want to end up stuck in the airport – I’ve done that before and really don’t want to go through it again.


What’s your worst travel story? Funniest story?

My worst had to be the first time I ever flew by myself. I was coming home from school for Thanksgiving one year, and I got a ride to the airport with my friend. He was flying somewhere else, so I headed to my gate and got settled. My flight that morning was supposed to leave at 6 am, but that flight got cancelled so I had to go back down to the check-in and get on a different flight. I thought that was all worked out, so I dragged my stuff to that gate to find out that the gate for that plane had changed. Great.

I walked around the airport to new gate only to find out that that flight was cancelled!

Needless to say, I ended up calling my mom crying and I was stuck in the Little Rock airport for 11 hours that day, waiting on a flight home.

The weird thing? There was no bad weather at all.

Thankfully, nothing else has been that bad, so I’m crossing my fingers for this trip!



  1. ohmygosh I always read your blog BEFORE looking outside! :?

    That sounds like an aweful travel story- thankfully I haven’t had many (yet)

  2. I don’t really have a “worst” travel experience because every single flight I’ve ever taken was either cancelled or delayed or had some set back or other. I’ve missed a connecting flight once or twice because the previous plane didn’t land in time, was stuck in Phoenix in a sand storm, was stuck in O’Hare for three hours because there were “technical problems” (but honestly, one should never expect to go to O’Hare and leave less than two hours after they were supposed to). Oh, and they told me the wrong gate in Atlanta–especially fun since the airport is HUGE and you have to take trains to get from one complex to another!

  3. My worst travel story happened this past weekend! It was awful. I wrote all about it, but it’s so long, I won’t rewrite it here!

  4. One more trend: the baggage didn’t make it onto the connecting flight. Fortunately, it was a flight /home/ so they could just deliver it the next day, but I shudder to think what I would have done if I was on vacation (this is why my father always said to take a full change of clothes in my carry-on!)

  5. This, by far, was my worst travel experience EVER. I hope it never gets topped because well, if it does, there will be mara-induced injuries!

  6. That does sound like a nice morning. It just started snowing again here, as well. :(

    I don’t have too many horrible travel stories, thankfully.

  7. I totally get taking good b-fast pictures on delay days! I am normally taking pictures in my poorly-lit kitchen! There is just not enough light at 5:30 in the morning before school!

    My worst travel story involves having to change flights at the Houston, TX airport to get to Mexico for our honeymoon. Our initial flight was delayed so we literally had minutes to get to our connecting flight to Mexico. We were running FULL OUT Home Alone style through the airport. We got to our connecting flight as they were closing the gates. We managed to get on the plane aaaand they had a mechanical problem. We proceeded to sit on the grounded plane for two hours!

  8. what a great morning and a terrible travel story. i don’t have many horror travel stories but mostly because i don’t travel that much haha

  9. ah so much snow! i hope the airplanes are functioning by the time you have to leave!

  10. My funniest travel story was when we would drive to Florida (from NJ) with my parents.
    After we would stop around “South of the Border”, my sister and me would take a ton of straws and napkins and have a spit ball fight for hours. First we would try to hit each other and then we would try and hit the rear view mirror on the front windsheild.
    And my parents would never tell us to stop.
    Imagine spit balls covering the 2 back windows and the rear view mirror.

    Now that I think of it, thats pretty gross!

  11. OO that bowl of oats looks particularly good! I LOVE sunlight reflecting on snow, it’s the best!

  12. ohhh…such a great amount of light from that snow for your pictures!

    and when i was 12, i was flying back from ireland into new jersey for a layover. when we were there the radar got hit by lightning and blew everything out. I was tired, cranky, had no baggage (it left without me on a different flight) and no where to go. the airline put us up in a hotel that night, gave us vouchers for mcdonalds…and sent us (i was traveling w/ 5 other girls and a teacher) home the next day seated in first class! miserable, but nice all around in the end!

  13. My funniest travel story is my friend and I studied abroad together and were flying home to the US. The night before our flight she decided to go out and get drunk with her boyfriend since she was sad to be leaving him. WE are talking drunker than drunk.

    At the airport in the morning she was still drunk and I had to find her passport and ticket to check us both in so she could actually fly. And then she snored the entire first leg of the flight (I got some funny pictures of that).

    Then our flight from London to US she and I were in different rows so I went up to the clerk to get it changes (she was still a bit drunk) and started speaking spanish in London. My friend yelled…”He speaks english”. Oops. She finally sobered up before we boarded that flight. But it was a hoot.

  14. i had similiar issues cooking dinner last night. stuff stuck to the pan and took so long to cook i had to put it in the oven which i apparently should have cooked it in , in the first place.

  15. WOW, I can’t believe it’s still snowing there! That’s crazy.

    My best travel story has to be going to Costa Rica for spring break with my then boyfriend (we’re still great friends, so it’s cool).

    We spent the whole trip being very outdoorsy…hiking, walking, swimming, camping…by the last few days of the trip, we were both exhausted!

    For the last 2 days of our trip, we stayed at this amazing hotel right on the beach at San Antonio. We had our own kitchen, so we went to the market and cooked our own food. He made the BEST breakfast eggs for some reason. Literally, that’s the best memory I have! Just because it was so nice and peaceful, I was with the person I love AND food was involved…hahah

    Good luck getting all your things done!

  16. Stay warm, the snow is coming!

  17. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you don’t have any flight issues for your trip!

  18. Whoa to the snow! I hope your travels go smoothly!

    And I’m loving your morning oatmeal. A craisin/apple mix sounds so right. :-)

  19. The snow looks really pretty. I like good hair days :)

    My worst travel story.. would be one Christmas break I was heading from Home back to GA.. it was snowing crazy in Boston and I called the airline to make sure the flight is not canceled.. and they said nope.. so my mom dropped me off at the airport I checked in.. callled her to say i am all good and she left. We boarded the plane… but it was snowing so much that they ended up canceling the flight after everyone was boarded… the problem… well it was so cold the doors froze and they couldn’t open the doors.. we got on the plane at 6 PM.. they finally got the doors open and let us out at 4 AM… yup.. crazy.

  20. Sorry your din didn’t turn out as hoped. At least you got some quality pup cuddle time!

  21. *crossing my fingers for your flight*

    that is the worst feeling ever, not knowing what the weather is going to be while traveling. i have no doubt you are going to be just fine.

    and props for relaxing last night and not blogging – we all need that once in awhile :)

  22. love the looks of the breakfast! craisons in oatmeal? i bet thats yummmay!

  23. My worst travel story is when the airline LOST my puppy! I was going home for thanksgiving one year with my 6 month old puppy and when I arrived (in philly incidentally…) he was nowhere to be found. The airline told me they didn’t know where he was and that “they don’t really use their tracking system” and THEN they gave me a little print out that said “Sorry for your lost luggage, we will try to recover your belongings shortly.” Needless to say I was pretty hysterical. 2 1/2 hours later my puppy randomly showed up on the cargo elevator. I have no idea where he was and neither did they and he was pretty darn excited to see me. I haven’t flown with him since!

    Oh and I also once spent a Christmas Eve in the Minnesota airport!

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