Best Burger

I have so much to do before leaving on Thursday and today has been so busy! Having this past Friday off just meant I had more emails to get through this morning, but it’s going well so far.

After a morning full of work (and coffee), I was more than ready for lunch!


A Back to Basics Lunch :)


About 1 cup of Campbell’s Blended Veggie Soup that needed to be eaten.


1 cup of so of celery and 1 Tbsp hummus, and the star of my lunch…


A Morningstar Farm Black Bean Burger on a slice of my honey whole wheat bread and toasted with mozzarella on top.

I LOVE these spicy black bean burgers. I like making my own, but these ones are great to have in the freezer. Plus, they have whole beans + corn in them, which gives the burgers a great texture.


What’s the best burger you’ve ever had (veggie or not)?

PS: How pathetic is this little face?




She’s about to be a lot happier, though. We’re off for a quick lunchtime walk!



  1. What a cutie pie!

  2. She is too cute!

  3. Aw, love those sweet photos of Maggie!

  4. Best Burger is definitely a veggie burger in college at some random hole in the wall. I don’t like beef burgers so I enjoyed the flavor of the veggie.

  5. Sol Cuisine burgers! Mmmmm!

  6. My favorite burger was in Hawaii at “cheeseburger in paradise.” it was just soooo good!

    love the puppy pics! :)

  7. There is this vegetarian restaurant where my mom lives called the Flaming Ice Cube. I had a veggie burger there once that was AWESOME!!! I tried to recreate it myself.. I got close but it still wasn’t the same.

  8. Your burger looks great! Love the toasted cheese on there. My favorite burger was this black bean burger from St. Thomas!

  9. oh girl you haven’t lived until you’ve tried the Amy’s burgers! they are LIFE CHANGING!

  10. Toasted moz looks SO GOOD!

    Good luck getting everything ready for your trip :-)

  11. I love those morningstar black bean burgers. But I like their original flavor the best! I always have some Morningstar on hand for quick dinners/lunches.

  12. That melted mozzarella looks SO good! My favorite burger is the Red Robin burger with an egg on top.

  13. There is a veggie burger at a local restaurant in my hometown called, “The Lost Dog” that serves the best veggie burger. :-)
    Always love the Maggie pics!

  14. I haven’t got around to trying the black bean burgers yet! I prefer making my own too, but always love having easy backup dinners in the freezer.

  15. AW! Your pup is absolutely adorbs!

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