Packed and Dipped

Nick and I got all our stuff together for the trip and worked on getting things packed up for about an hour or so this afternoon.

We’re almost ready! The only things left are our ziploc bags with bathroom stuff (travel shampoo, facewash, toothbrushes, etc), my makeup, and my glasses and contacts, which I can’t pack until the day we leave.

I feel so much better having everything together and ready. Plus, all of the clothes I’m taking are already in my bag, so I can’t change my mind now or keep adding to the pile :)

I even have my first “travel” outfit picked out for Thursday so I won’t have to decide what to wear that morning. I know it will be comfortable to travel in, and that’s the most important thing because it’s going to be a long day that day.

After moving our bags downstairs, I got a quick dinner ready for us.


Probably not the most impressive “superbowl” spread, but I thought the chicken nuggets would be fun to eat during the game.


I cooked a box of Applegate Farms chicken nuggets for us to share and cut up broccoli, celery, and carrots while the nuggets were in the oven.


I had some ranch dressing with my veggies and honey mustard with the nuggets.

I like being able to dip every part of my meal – it’s easier to watch the game and eat at the same time! And this dinner was ready in 15 minutes – perfect  for a game night.

As for dessert, Nick finished off all but 2 of our supercharge me cookies, so I’m going to have my 2 cookies – maybe with some tea?


It’s been a long and busy day, and I’m more than ready to settle down with Nick, Maggie, and Roxy.

Is tomorrow really Monday already?



  1. Yeah…tomorrow is really Monday :)

    Chicken nuggets! I haven’t had those in SO long!

  2. That’s so great that you are 99.9% packed now, you are going to be stress freeeee!

  3. Seriously! I need one more day to my weekend! I can’t believe how quickly your trip is coming! Are you still taking guest posts?

    I love honey mustard for dipping! MMM

  4. ah having a comfy travel outfit is CRUCIAL!!

  5. gosh i wish i was one of the seniors at my school that get 3-day weekends (fri-sun typically). monday just comes soooo fast, 2 days is NOT enough ha

  6. Ugh I know, I thought it was just Friday!

  7. I love packing ahead so that I can relax and just go. Good for you!

  8. I LOVE how incredibly organized you are! are you going to be blogging while you are away?

  9. love dipping my meal too!
    i love packing ahead-i always make a list before!

  10. I love those chicken nuggets!! Cannot wait to follow you on your trip–I hope you have a blessed and safe trip–eat some good food for me!!!

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