Catching Up

This weekend has gone by so fast – I feel like we still have so much to do, and we’re just running out of time! Nick and I are trying to get as much stuff done to get ready for our trip before the work week starts so the next few days won’t be so crazy.

Nick went into the lab yesterday to get some stuff done, so Maggie and I had a pretty relaxing afternoon. We took 2 walks around the neighborhood, played in the snow with the kids down the street for a while, and then watched the Hokies’ basketball game until Nick got home.

Besides working on laundry, the most productive thing I did yesterday was bake bread!


Not sourdough, but it turned out great. I’m trying to find a good recipe to make for sandwich bread for us, and I think the one I made is a good contender. If you have any good yeast bread recipes, send them my way! I’d love to have a few good recipes on hand whenever I have time to make it.

Once Nick got back, we heated up some of the black bean soup from the other night and then watched 500 Days of Summer – we both LOVED it!

Especially the music. You could tell that the songs in the movie were really thought out and used in the best place possible. I’d love to have that soundtrack.


Thankfully, we had another day with no alarm clock. Since Nick didn’t have to do sound today at church, we got to sleep in a bit more and have a good breakfast.


Nick cooked the last of our bacon and some eggs for us while the coffee was brewing.


I pulled apart some clementines for us – I have a whole new box of them! They were finally on sale again at the store, so I gave in.


After church, we went and ran a bunch of errands. They were having a pizza potluck today after the service, but we had so many things to get done that we didn’t get to stay.

I dropped Nick off at the lab again so he could get a few things done, and I ran to Books-a-Million to pick up our books for the trip :)

I also grabbed a few chocolates for us from The Chocolate Spike, but I guess I ate them before taking a picture – oops! I had a dark chocolate hazelnut spike and a dark chocolate dipped peach.

Once we got puppy treats at Petsmart, a camera battery at Best Buy, a scarf/flip flops at Old Navy, and travel stuff from Target, we headed back home for lunch.


More soup!


I had some black bean soup with sour cream, red onion, and avocado with a side of colby jack cheese-toast.


This honey wheat bread is awesome! I just put it in the toaster oven with a slice of colby jack cheese until the cheese was bubbly.


Alright – back to business!

I’ve got laundry going and I need to start packing my bag for the trip.


Ready for the Superbowl? Are you watching the game tonight?



  1. Yeah I’m ready for the Superbowl, GO SAINTS!

    I also loved the music in 500 Days of Summer. You should get the soundtrack, it’s so good!

  2. I doubt we will be watching the super bowl, we just aren’t into sports much around here. But, in honor of it, I am making vegan pizza with an almond flour crust which should prove to be interesting :D

  3. 500 days of summer was SO good! I loved the music too :-)

  4. You should definitely get the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack! It made the movie to me. :)
    Definitely watching the game. Go Saints!

  5. bread baking is awesomely productive. and i’m working tonight so no i won’t be watching it. i doubt i’d watch it even if i was free because my beloved pats aren’t in it

  6. ah I knew you would be so excited for the superbowl — such a cute little pig skin fan :)

    another bread success, I see!

  7. 500 Days was such a great movie! Plus, Joseph Gordon Levitt isn’t too bad to look at ;)

  8. I watch for the commercials – and so far they are lame – I liked the Doritos commercial with the little kid though!

    So close to your trip! :D

  9. I never watch the Superbowl. I think I’m the only person in the US who could care less about football. Or even the commercials.

  10. The game was great. And I just added that movie to my que. We are always looking for a good movie.

  11. I love this easy, adaptable bread recipe available on If you read the comments, you can really work with it to adapt it to your tastes with good results. It is also fun making it with nieces/nephews! :-)

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