White Out

This is the most snow we’ve had here in the past 6 years that I’ve lived here, for sure.


It’s coming down hard outside! We’ve already got another 5” today, and that’s on top of the 3-4 inches we still had on the ground from the storm last weekend.

Maggie’s happy about more snow –



I just hope snow is all we get. There’s a chance that all this snow will change into sleet/freezing rain/ice later today and into the day tomorrow, and I would like to be snowed in, not iced in.


While I was on the phone with my mom and then Nick’s mom, Nick made us breakfast. And coffee! How did I get so lucky?


Nick cooked up some bacon and scrambled eggs, added some colby jack cheese, and made breakfast sandwiches on some Nature’s Pride honey wheat bread. And we split a cara cara orange :)


I’m actually in the most uncomfortable position right now while blogging, because Maggie is halfway in my lap and doesn’t want me to put my laptop in front of her. So I’m leaning over her, sideways, to type on the couch. Not very comfy, but she’s ready to cuddle and NOTHING gets in her way when she’s like this ;)


Nick just left to head into the office – work is closed today, but he had a few things that have to get done in the lab. He just called to say that the main roads aren’t really bad, thank goodness. You can’t even see our street right now!

He should only be gone a few hours, and then we’re snowed in for most of the weekend, I think.

What’s the biggest storm you’ve been in?

I grew up on the east side of Virginia, near Virginia Beach, and I remember one huge snow we had when I was growing up. But other than that, the only other big storms we had were from hurricanes.

After one big storm hit, we were visiting my Nany and I remember seeing a couple kids from her neighborhood riding in a canoe down the streets. That’s how flooded it was – crazy, right?



  1. We are supposed to be getting the biggest storm we have got in 7 years here today! Starting around 3 pm.

  2. AHH i haven’t looked outside yet! I just started reading blogs & then got the email that VT was cancelled (that’s how you KNOW it’s bad :? )

  3. wow i can’t believe how little snow new england has gotten compared to other parts of the country!

  4. I grew up in MD- I remember 2 huge blizzards there- one we couldn’t open the front door because the snow went almost to the top, and the other, the power was out for 2 weeks and we had to huddle together to stay warm!

  5. wow kinda glad I am not home right now in md. My mom is trying to get back from St Thomas and she is stuck on the island. Guess there are worse places to be stuck :)
    Blizzard of ’96 was pretty bad but thats all I remember:)

  6. It’s snowing here too. We’re only supposed to get 4 inches at most today, but there’s more coming over the weekend. We had 20+ inches over Christmas but we were traveling so we didn’t have to deal with it too much. The biggest storm that I’ve been in was probably an ice strom in 2007. We lost power for more than a week, and a giant tree fell on my car. No fun.

  7. I’ve seen a few huge stowstorms growing up in Boston. One time we had 2 feet on April 1st! Ive never seen anyone going in a canoe down the street, that is pretty crazy.

  8. I’m kind of jealous of your snow! I wish I was warm and cozy in the house with a little puppy to play with! I grew up in Chicago – so blizzards were fairly normal! Although the most memorable was in NYC 4 years ago when we got 2 feet in 12 hours…the city was a winter wonderland!

  9. It just started snowing here, hoping to leave work soon to avoid the nastiness on the road.

  10. Let’s see… I’d have to say that the biggest snow storm I’ve been in was the one we got stuck in during leg one of our honeymoon in Philly! There were 24 inches of snow on the ground within a few hours!

    BUT, when I was younger, there was some freakish rain storm in Chicago and we got almost a foot of rain in a few hours.

  11. Ugh the snow started here about 2 hours ago and is seriously pouring outta the sky… I have a feeling we are in for what you have been seeing :/ I didn’t make it to work needless to say, but the man had to drive 30 miles in and I am worried sick about him coming home tonight!!!! :(

  12. thats what it looked like here 2 weekends ago, but with more snow. We were snowed in from about friday until 930pm sunday night when a tractor came and cleared some of out parking lot out. roads were brutal! its still pretty crazy here now.

  13. My mom tells me I was in Hurricane Andrew, but my dad says we left Florida before it hit. Either way I was 1 year old so it wasn’t like I was very conscious of it all

  14. Well, if you have to be snowed in I’d say a husband and a puppy are pretty good partners in snow!

    I grew up on an island so I’ve been through several big storms but the worst was Hurricane Marylin when I was in 5th grade. It was supposed to be a level 2 storm and ended up being a level 5. Our house was ok but more than 1/3 of the island was roofless for a while. We didn’t have power at our house for six months!

  15. gah. storms. story of my life. i don’t even know where to begin!

    i hope you get LOTS of pictures of maggie playing out in it – she seriously gets cuter and cuter!

    love ya girl…and here’s to a bloggy meet-up sometime SOON!

  16. Oh wow a canoe.. that’s crazy!!!

    Here’s to hoping that your snow doesn’t turn into ice! Ice is the worst. That’s usually what we get. We have our share of snow but not snow storms per say.. however we had a BAD ice storm about 4 years ago that left most everyone out of power for weeks. Not fun.

  17. I’m from Florida so we don’t get the snow, but we do get the RAIN. And hurricanes. The year I graduated from high school (1995…yikes!) we had this insane storm they called the “No Name Storm” because it wasn’t technically a hurricane. It got so bad they almost had to cancel my graduation, and many of my friends’ houses were completely flooded. We lived on the water but were incredibly lucky — we watched the water in our back yard rise…and rise…and rise…and STOP right at the edge of our house foundation. It was pretty crazy.

    I hope your storm stays snowy! I live in a colder climate now and ice is horrible.

  18. We got 2 feet of snow one day right before Thanksgiving break in college. It was aweful but fun at the same time.

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