Wearing Red, Seeing White

I guess the groundhog was right.


Winter is definitely not over.

And the snow is still coming! Although it just switched over to freezing rain/sleet a few minutes ago, so I’m not sure how bad it will get.

We have about 8 –9 inches so far, I think? But we haven’t been out to play in it yet :)


We’ve been on the couch just about all morning.

Nick ended up turning around and coming home instead of heading to the lab. He said the roads just weren’t clear enough to get out there. I’m glad he decided to come back home, because they would have been SO much worse when he was headed home a few hours later!


So we’ve just been cuddling and watching the snow fall. Maggie really hasn’t left the couch at all. Any time either one of us gets up, she goes to cuddle with the person still on the couch ;)

We obviously weren’t going anywhere for lunch today, so it was a good thing we had lots of leftovers!


Nick had the last 2 pieces of pizza from the other night, and I heated up the rest of the ravioli.


I wanted a little more green with my lunch, so I chopped up 2-3 cups of spinach and put it on the bottom of my bowl before adding the pasta.


The spinach started to wilt under the warmed pasta – it was great! Pasta + salad in one bowl = less dishes to wash.


Heart Health Month!

Remember when I did my heart health series? I had so much fun putting those together, but I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since those posts went up!

Here’s a few of my favorites:

What to Look For

Risk Factors

What to Eat

Know Your Numbers

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know heart health is important to me and my family. We’ve had our share of heart troubles in the past 3 years (including a few surgeries, stents, and sadly, deaths) and I’m a big supporter of keeping your ticker healthy.

So, I’m wearing my red today!



Are you wearing yours?


What are you doing today to keep your heart healthy?


  1. I have my red patent leather shoes on that I bought in honor of my BFF’s mom when she passed away from a massive heart attack. This year I also wear them in honor of his dad (heart attack) and my aunt (heart diesease/attack).

    Enjoy the snow!! (I’m sort of jealous of you being snowed in and I’m not!!! What’s up with that New England?!?!)

  2. Look at all that snow! OMG! But I’m glad you have Nick and Maggie to cuddle with on the couch during your snowy day in. I love that picture of you in your red sweater holding Maggie. You both look beautiful!

  3. I wore my big red bag today! And I got a workout in which never hurts ;-)

  4. I wish I had some of that lovely snow! We’ve just got rain, rain, rain!

  5. Yes, I am wearing red today :-)
    Nice pictures…Maggie is so adorable :-)

  6. i’m totally rocking the red too!

  7. I’m working from home today but I have on my red sports bra.

    Today I’m eating whole foods low in sodium to keep my heart healthy.

  8. The ground hog was DEFINITELY right! I wish I could run today, but it’s a mess, if it wasn’t such a blizzard outside, running would be something that I would be doing to keep my heart healthy. Guess I’ll just have to eat some kidney beans tonight!

    Love your hair! It is So cute!!

  9. Hope you guys are staying warm!! I am rocking the red but by coincidence – I didn’t leave my house either so my PJs will have to do ;)

  10. Love the photos of you and Maggie! Adorable!

  11. Gosh, I cannot believe all of that snow you guys are getting!

    The pictures of you and Maggie are so cute, I love your hair cut too! :)

    That heart health series looks awesome, I’m definitely gonna check out those posts!

  12. I wore my red yesterday and talked to all of my classes about making healthy choices and getting active. Unfortunately, my students only have to take one year of gym and most of them prefer video games to moving.

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