Well Rounded

Nick made breakfast today :)


In between multiple bathroom trips for Maggie outside, Nick cooked up some bacon and eggs while I sliced up a cara cara orange and some of our sourdough bread.


I think I need to make homemade bread all the time now. It’s just so good!


I had some of the blueberry (North America) Crofter’s Jam spread on my toast this morning – I love the pieces of whole berry in the jam. It has a great texture.


I’d say it’s a pretty well-rounded breakfast, right? Fruit, whole grains, protein. Bacon ;)

And coffee!


It’s going to be another busy work day, and Maggie and I are ready to go!



What’s your favorite bread?


  1. I really love whole wheat – but in some occasions I like a good thick, white bread. ;)

  2. Now that’s a breakfast!! I love all bread except rye and pumpernickel

  3. I honestly love almost all kinds of bread. It’s a family thing actually, we all LOOOOOVE our bread. :P That’s a good looking breakfast right there. :)

  4. Your breakfast looks delicious! I don’t think I could choose one favorite kind of bread…but corn bread is definitely close to the top!

  5. My favorite bread is a crusty french baguette…usually slathered with some delicious cheese and tomato…yum!

  6. You guys seem to have the best mornings together!

    I love fresh, hot sourdough bread, but on a daily basis, I enjoy whole wheat for sandwiches.

  7. What a delicious looking breakfast! I’ve gotta say, my favorite bread is challah, warm out of the oven with some real butter and honey :)

  8. i loveeeeee sheepherder’s bread. i get it hopefully once a year from a bakery in the sierras of CA where it’s made fresh…i die for it every summer!

  9. can I steal Nick for like, a weekend? just to make me breakfast?

  10. Your breakfast looks gourmet!
    I’ve just discovered Millet bread & it’s a new favorite

  11. Sigh. I miss good bread when I read posts like this. Before gluten/sugar free, I used to love a local bread from a little shop in Carytown called Montana Gold.

  12. I love homemade bread. My grandma had this great cheddar onion bread that she made and tasted good right out of the oven.

  13. Cinnamon Raisin all the way baby! lol

  14. My favorite bread is probably sourdough, or cinnamon raisin!

  15. i love the kids that have all the nuts and seeds in them. i love that crunch!

  16. OMG, the breakfast Nick made looks incredible and I am home sick and can’t really eat anything :(

  17. Favorite bread is Vermont&Co Organic Whole Wheat – hands down. :-)
    I love that you make your own bread! When I have my own apartment, that is going to be first on my list of things to do!
    Your breakfasts are always so lovely. Good for Nick for making such a well-rounded meal! And Maggie is looking adorable as always!

  18. Bacon! Oh how I love thee.

    Hi Maggie!

    Fav bread? For Italian meals, I need Italian bread. For everyday, I need a hearthy whole grain. But favorite all time? French baguette.

  19. Your breakfast looks so good! I need to make bacon and eggs in the morning more often!

    I love crusty sourdough. The crustier, the better!

  20. Favorite bread: Pumpernickel Rye Swirl

  21. Maggie is so photogenic! It’s hard to get dogs to look at the camera like that.

    I like really dense, wheaty, nutty bread with lots of chew to it. Mmmmm…

  22. I like cinnamon raisin bread.

    I love your little Maggie. So sweet and cute! (not that i’ve met her, but she looks sweet.)

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