Random Lunch and More Pizza

Today was crazy! I was running around during lunch, and my break went by so fast.

I had a hair appointment during my lunch break and then I headed over to Kroger to pick up a few groceries since another ice/snow storm is heading here in the next few days. Since I work from home tomorrow and the storm is supposed to hit Friday morning, I wanted to make sure we had eggs, milk, bread, and all the items for the meals on my menu this coming week.

Since my lunch break was so rushed, I had my lunch in pieces.


This was such a random mix! I didn’t have much to choose from in terms of leftovers, so I just grabbed anything I had.


I brought the rest of my roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts and a hard boiled egg, plus about 1 cup of Vanilla Oikos and a Kashi bar.




Kind of a crazy mix, but at least I had some veggies and protein and my meal actually held me through my crazy afternoon.

Once I got back to the office, I had a bunch of letters to send and emails to sort through and by 4 pm, I was hungry again!


Amazing Grass to the rescue! I love their chocolate (and peanut butter) bars. One of my favorites, for sure.

Nick and I drove separately today since I had my appointment at lunch and I got home to the happy puppy and cat first :) I fed Roxy dinner and took Maggie out for a while before giving her some food and washing dishes, putting the mail away, and getting the groceries out of the car.

I was planning on having leftovers tonight, but Nick offered to go get some pizza for us from The Palisades (one of our favorite places) so pizza it was!


We got their supreme pizza on honey wheat crust – so good! I love the big chunks of veggies and they have this smoked ham on it that tastes amazing.




In between 4 more bathroom trips outside and playing with Maggie, I got stuff out for salads and poured my Root Beer.




The Palisades has the best crust – it tastes like what we make at home, but we don’t have a stone hearth oven like they do :)

No big plans for tonight – just spending time with Nick, Maggie, and Roxy – the best kind of night if you ask me!



  1. I love the kashi Blackberry Graham bars. They crumble perfectly over yogurt. :)

    Glad you had a good day. We are expecting snow this weekend too. Blizzard they say, but who knows. I need to do some Emergency shopping as well.

    Have a great night!

  2. I love that you can get that pizza on a honey wheat crust…looks delicious!

  3. I miss my favorite pizza place from when I was seminary…great crust and a wood burning stove.

  4. I love pizza cooked on stone hearth! Yours looks delicious! Woohoo for getting your hair done, that’s always fun :)

  5. Wow that pizza LOOKS homemade! Nice! Sometimes mish-mosh lunches are my favorite since they can last so much longer!!!

    Awww Maggie. Poor little puppy size bladder!!!

  6. i’ve never tried that kashi bar before. sounds yummy though. and pizza from a brick oven is awesome :)

  7. Oh yum that pizza looks awesome!! Honey whole wheat crust… OMG. Lucky you. And your lunch sounds good too! Sometimes randomness works!

  8. Your pizzas always look so great!

  9. Oh, I’ve gotta tell my bro about that pizza. It’s actually healthy too!

  10. mmm root beer with pizza is such a treat every now and again!

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