Welcome to February

Where did January go? Ours was filled to the brim with new puppy love and lots of cold weather, but I still can’t believe February is already here.

I’m very excited for February because our trip is in less than 2 weeks!!! I think I’m ready? I’m sure that feeling will go out the window once I’m trying to pack ;)

I decided to start February off with a bang – bourbon in my oatmeal this morning, and a fruit + veggie fest at lunch.

I bought some brussel sprouts for me this week (Nick doesn’t like them), so I roasted 1 pound of sprouts with some broccoli to have with my fancy-schmancy sandwich.


Yum! I need a stove top AT work so I can make fun things like this for lunch in the office.


Today, I used the last of my blue cheese dijon mustard that I got at the Foodbuzz Festival! So sad – this jar made some great meals while it lasted.



My grilled sandwich had:

  • 2 slices Nature’s Pride Honey Wheat bread
  • last 2 tsps blue cheese dijon mustard
  • 2 slices of swiss cheese
  • thinly sliced apple
  • ham


All grilled in a little bit of olive oil. I’m telling you, grilled sandwiches in olive oil is SO good! I love butter, but olive oil is a great way to get a good crispy texture (and is much better for your heart!)


I’m off to take Maggie on a short walk around the neighborhood before getting back to work.



Chobani giveaway!!!

February is Heart Health Month – Join the Movement here and you can get a free pin


If you could make anything for lunch at home, what would it be?


  1. Ham and fancy mustard–that sounds delicious!

  2. That is a delicious looking sandwich! I love fancy mustard!

  3. Wow that mustard sounds delicious!

  4. I always want to make sandwiches like I got in spain. Fresh Iberico Ham, Manchego, slightly spicy mustard grilled in olive oil. Such memories.

  5. perfect combination for a sandwich. i love mustard soo much

  6. I often wish I could make lunch at home. I think I’d make things that involve the stove since I don’t have one at work.

    I don’t know where February went, but so far 2010 is looking so much brighter and happier than 2009.

  7. That mustard sounds sooo delicious! If I could make anything at home for lunch, it would be an amazing wrap/sammie. I don’t have very high aspirations ;-)

  8. I wish I could make lunch at home sometimes! And I never think to put apple in a sandwich but that does look pretty delicious…

  9. That mustard sounds divine! Thanks for the giveaway shout out too :)

  10. I just got a HUGE craving for roasted brussels sprouts! They are going on my menu for next week…thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. yum. i love brussle sprouts!!

  12. That sandwich looks delish! And I love brussel sprouts!

  13. After working from home Thurs. and Fri. I have a newfound respect for you. I had SUCH a hard time staying focused on work!

  14. i’m pretty sure you are the only person on earth who can manage to make a ham and cheese sandwich look so gourmet!

  15. I love “interesting” mustard! That one sounds great!

    Have a great week!

  16. your lunch looks amazing! I didn’t get that mustard, and now that I think about it, I don’t think i have ever seen a blue cheese mustard.

    I love roasted veggies – so easy and so delicious!

  17. I am a mustard whore – I’d be all over that mustard!!

  18. That lunch looks superb! Roasted brussles are just about my favorite thing and I LOVE that mustard. I actually just bought some a few days ago and it’s nearly gone already! I put it in just about everything though, so it’s no surprise that I am running low.

    Hope you had a wonderful day hun!

  19. Oh my goodness – MUST find that mustard! I am a mustard fiend.

    And I agree – being able to make nice warm, grilled lunches at work with the convenience of home would be the best! I view days I get to make lunch at home as a special treat. I love a big veggie and hummus wrap, with red pepper, red onion, romaine, hardboiled egg, tomato, pickles, and mustard – then pressed on a panini maker real quick :)

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