A New Loaf

What is it with me and bread lately? I seem to be on a bread kick, and I’m not looking to end it any time soon :)

I had a really good Monday! Work was pretty good and the day went by fast. My afternoon went by so quickly (thanks to a good phone call) that I never had an afternoon snack.

By the time I could get to the kitchen to grab a snack, I didn’t want to ruin my appetite. I knew dinner was going to be quick, so I just waited until Nick got home to eat. Plus, I definitely didn’t want to fill up too much since I knew I was trying a new bread recipe tonight.



While the loaf of bread was baking, I heated up some leftover chicken in the toaster oven (so it wouldn’t be soggy).

Then just a quick zap for the leftover green beans + butternut squash and a few slices of my sourdough with Kerrygold, and dinner was served.


Sorry for the short post, but I can smell the bread calling my name :) I’ll make sure to post it later if it’s good.


Plus, it’s cuddle time for Maggie!

What’s your favorite quick bread?


  1. aw man you are my carb idol, girl!

    my favorite quick bread = banana or pumpkin. Especially slathered with PB :) I’ve been really curious to try zucchini bread!

  2. Banana goodness bread with choc chips :-) I haven’t made a batch in sooooo long

  3. Where do you get all of these great bread recipes? It must be really nice to have homemade bread all of the time instead of store bought :)

  4. Definitely banana, always a success!

  5. Definitely zucchini – I guess because it’s made of veggies I feel like it’s healthier. ;)

  6. You’re definitely making me want some bread!! I think the only quick bread I’ve ever made is banana nut bread…but I also really like chocolate chip zucchini!!

  7. DROOOOL!!! That looks like amazing bread my dear!

  8. My favorite quick bread is probably my mom’s banana bread. Can you believe I’ve never made a quick bread? I must get on that soon.

  9. Zucchini bread is probably my fave.

  10. Oh man, your bread sure does look good. I’ve got some dough started for sandwich bread. I decided to start making our sandwich bread because it’s cheaper and I know just what goes into it. As far as quick breads go though… hum… my favorite is probably banana or pumpkin. Although beer bread is wonderful too!

  11. That meal just screams comfort to me.

  12. oh that bread looks amazing girl! You are quite the baker!! My favorite quick bread is either zuchinni chocolate chip or banana bread. Its a toss up! I hope you have a fabulous night sweetie!

  13. You sure are on a bread kick, but who says it’s a bad thing!? I’m sure Nick isn’t complaining :-) I’d have to say one of my favorite quick breads is good old-fasioned zucchini bread with some cream cheese frosting..yum!

  14. I love making pumpkin bread. It’s so easy, quick and delicious!

  15. I love banana chocolate chip.

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