On Bread Alone

We didn’t stay awake long enough to watch a movie last night!  By the time the cookies were done and we got settled, it was already 9 so we just watched tv until we fell asleep on the couch with Maggie.

The perfect ending to a fun day :)

We got up this morning to a small layer of ice on the road and a few more inches of snow. Nick had to do sound today at church, though, so we headed out with plans to grab breakfast from Panera.


I got a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on their whole grain bagel and ate that with an apple I brought from home.



And since our homemade coffee is better than theirs, we brought our own ;)

After eating, we headed over to church to help set up and get things ready. The parking lot was still filled with snow so we weren’t sure how many people would make it today, but it was packed! There were originally plans to have a pizza potluck after church today, but those plans got moved because of the weather so pizza will be next week.

It’s a good thing we had leftover strata at home! I didn’t have any plans for lunch today otherwise.


While I mixed up my sourdough bread, I heated up the leftover strata, some broccoli, and some butternut squash for a quick lunch.


After eating lunch and setting my dough aside to rise, I grabbed a couple of supercharge me cookies and headed outside to play in the snow with Nick, Maggie, and our two neighbor kids, Eric and Gary.


Maggie had a great time in the snow again – she just runs, full speed, with her nose in the snow. I have a feeling that little nose will eventually get her in trouble – she just can’t turn it off! And she has to follow every scent she finds.

We just came in a little bit ago, so I’ve got laundry going and I’m about to set the dough for its second rise.


I’m hoping this loaf looks more like a loaf! But as long it tastes good, I’ll be happy :)

Bagel for breakfast, strata for lunch, and hopefully bread with dinner? I guess it’s a carby kind of day.


  1. i could totally live off of bread. which is a good thing because i’m not the biggest fan of pasta and rice and i need my carbs :)

  2. carby kind of days are the best kind of days! YUM!!!

  3. carbs make life worth living :)

  4. SO cool that you are making sourdough. It’s my fav :-)

  5. For some strange reason dogs find the scents under the snow just so much more fascinating than normal. Our little one will wade through snow to her shoulders to find the best smells.

  6. Sundays always seem like they are more “carby”! Possibly because it’s a lazy day most of the time :-) Can’t wait to see the result of your bread!

  7. Carbs are awesome :)
    Your bagel looks yummy. It’s been too long since i’ve had a bagel.. I love cinnamon raisin!

  8. sometimes you just need some carbs!

    that bread looooooooks soooooo yummy :)I might have to go find some now!

  9. Gotta love carby days :) I have them pretty often, haha! You certainly picked the perfect way to enjoy them, too. That Panera bagel is my favorite!

    Your strata looked phenomenal last night and today. Holy yum. Can’t wait to see the bread!

    Have a lovely week, Brandi!

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