Snow Dreaming

Days like this make me wish we finally had the old farm house we want (or at least a log cabin), tucked into a little hollow somewhere, hidden away from our closest neighbors.


Someday, I want to be able to watch the flakes fall from the sky while sitting in a big, cozy chair in front of a roaring fire. A coffee (or hot chocolate) by my side, a good book, and some play time outside are all you need on days like this.


I love the quiet that a big snow brings. I always feel like I hear so much more  while walking around in this frigid weather than at any other time. Birds chirping, trees creaking under the weight of the powdery snow, houses dripping with icicles.


Ah…I can dream about having an old farm house, right? :)

We let Maggie run around in the snow this afternoon and took her on a short walk down to the mailbox (to find nothing), and she is worn out. I have a feeling she’ll be sleeping the rest of the night.


After we watched this week’s episode of Burn Notice and took a short late-morning nap, Nick and I heated up the leftover pizza from last night for lunch before heading outside.


I had one slice of pizza and a HUGE salad with some ranch dressing, romaine, carrots, red onion, and garlic-almonds.

Maggie tried to have some of Nick’s pizza, but she wasn’t quick enough.



I ended lunch with a few supercharge me cookies :)


These are so addicting, but that’s okay because they’re good for you! Nick’s already requested another batch, so I have a feeling I might be baking again tonight.


I’ve got some laundry going, and we’re finally all inside and drying out from the snow.

Maggie is officially asleep again – we may have to wake her up and make her eat dinner soon!


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  1. Ok, I’m officially putting those cookies on my “to make” list. Did you get the recipe online?

  2. Maggie is sooo cute! A farmhouse/log cabin in the snow? Oh my goodness, that would be soo perfect. :-)

  3. I love the peaceful snow! Just not when I have to drive in it…

  4. omg! do you have a brittany spaniel!? i have one too! your dog is ADORABLE!

  5. I love the quiet snow brings, too.. NO cars!!!

    I wanna make those cookies, they look so delicious, cute and tiny, too!! :)

  6. is burn notice any good? i’ve tried to get into it but just couldn’t but i wasn’t watching it from the start which can make a difference with some shows…

    • we love it! It’s different than a lot of the other shows on tv – pretty funny, even though it’s pretty dramatic, too.

  7. I always love your pictures of Maggie! She looks awfully adorable cuddled up next to Nick.

  8. dare i say you’ve made me crave a snow storm! I never thought I’d see the day :) your little fantasy secluded cabin sounds like heavennn!

  9. Your pizza looks so good!!

    And Maggie is so cute! And how awesome that she had fun in the snow! My dog is a baby and is scared of the snow :/

  10. I’m loving the SCM cookies!
    Maggie so adorable! Dogs playing in the snow is the best!

  11. Those cookies look great and I might have to make Hunni a batch since he’s enjoying cookies in moderation.

  12. I totally know what you mean about how peacefall snow fall is. Even though we never get a huge amount of snow, when it’s falling and silently hitting the ground, it’s just so soothing.

  13. I would give anything to live where I can see 8 eight months of snow every year. Jackson Hole WY, Donner Pass. CA
    Somewhere in Europe. Snow is so peaceful…

    Sir David

  14. Maggie is just too cute! (And pretty!) I will definitely need to add these cookies to my list – thank you for sharing the recipe!

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