Rollin’ in the Dough

Well, today has been fun. Even though we couldn’t really get outside of our neighborhood, it was great because we were able to just spent time together.

Me, Nick, Maggie, and Roxy.

We talked to our neighbors, played in the snow, took naps, and enjoyed the day.

Nick and I made a strata for dinner!


They’re his new favorite thing. :)

Thanks to Foodbuzz and their Tastemaker Program, I got a coupon to get some Eggland’s Best eggs this week, and I definitely took advantage of it.


I typically buy Eggland’s Best eggs anyways, but I was happy to get even more and use them tonight! They really are the best eggs.


While the oven was preheating, Nick cooked some bacon for the strata and I chopped some onions, scallions, and roasted red peppers.

After the bacon was cooked, he sauteed the veggies along with some cremini mushrooms until they were all softened.

We added the veggies to 1/2 a loaf of Nature’s Pride Honey Wheat bread that I cubed. Then I mixed 6 Eggland’s Best eggs with about 1/2 cup of milk, salt, pepper, and oregano.

We poured the eggs over the bread/veggie mixture, sprinkled it with 1/2 cup or so of cheese and baked it at 375 for about 30 minutes.




So good and so easy! I love that you can put anything in a strata – it’s so versatile.


We had our strata with some broccoli for a quick dinner.

Why so quick?

Well…because I had cookies in the oven :)


I made MORE Supercharge Me Cookies tonight!

A double batch – and this time, I used creamy peanut butter and dark chocolate chips (instead of the normal almond butter and carob or semi-sweet).



I decided to try the recipe with peanut butter after Heather recommended it the other day, and we love them! They smelled amazing while they were baking away in the oven, and I think the dark chocolate chips go perfectly with the peanut butter.

On top of the cookie dough in this house, I also have some sourdough getting ready for tomorrow.


I’m so proud of my sourdough – it’s SO sour! I’m hoping to try another bread recipe tomorrow, so we’ll see how it turns out. The flavor is spot on – I just need to get enough practice to make my bread look good enough to eat ;)

And I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the sourdough, so I’ll be posting about that soon. Believe me – once you get your starter going, it’s so easy.


I think we may watch a movie tonight. We have Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, and 500 Days of Summer from Netflix – I hope whatever we watch is good!



  1. I love base recipes like strata that you can do anything with; that looks great! Ever since I came in 3rd in their recipe contest, I’ve been loving EB’s eggs. I don’t get why their more nutritious but that they are is good enough for me!

  2. I love stratas. comforting and yummy.
    I am going to recreate a breakfast casserole type thing that my mil made on christmas day . So good and simple . Eggs, ham or peameal bacon or reg bacon, cheese, bread and milk .
    Hope it turns out as well as your strata

  3. i vote kiss kiss bang bang. and yum strata. i love dishes that can be so versatile and different every time you make it

  4. I love that strattas are so easy to make. I really need to try your method because it seems so much easier.

  5. Snowed in Strata, I love it! I vote for 500 Day Of Summer, I really liked that quirky movie :)

  6. I’m very excited about the sourdough post!! haha that sounds strange.. but I’m seriously bread challenged and so I love to learn more about it. And sourdough bread is the best!!

    I think you’ve finally convinced me to make those cookies.. yummy

  7. That strata looks amazing!! I wanna see 500 days of summer! Let me know if it’s good.

  8. Don’t you just love lazy snow days?!?! Hope all is well!!

  9. Yum the strata looks delish! Yay for snow days :)

  10. Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies! You will looooove it, I promise :-D

  11. I love Kiss Bang Bang! I make my family watch it over and over again :)

  12. I meant Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang :p

  13. Stratas have to be one of my fav things to make too. It goes good at breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you can add SO many things the possibilities are endless! I am looking forward to your Q&A on sourdough!

  14. SO jealous! Wish I had a few of those cookies right about now…

  15. I wish I were eating at your house! All of your food looks so delicious. I’ll have to try those cookies and certainly the sour dough bread once the magic recipe is revealed!

  16. Oh this gets me excited to try those eggs!

  17. I love days like that – you are snowed in, no hurry to do anything – I love dishes like that too – a great way to use up stuff in the fridge! :D

  18. Both of those movies are great! You’re going to love them.

    I need to make a strata. They look so delish.

  19. 500 days of summer is adorable! and i bet it would be more adorable if you ate the cookies while watching it :)

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