8 and Counting

It is definitely a winter wonderland here!


We have at least 8 inches, and it’s still coming down strong! I think we’re getting the best part of this storm, though, because I know the lower sections (in Carolina, especially) are just getting ice and no snow.



The roads are completely covered here, even with all the prep work VDOT did yesterday, so we’re in for the day.

Nick just took Maggie back out for another bathroom trip, but she loves the snow.

In fact, she doesn’t mind it one bit – she wants to roll in it, jump in it…and eat lots of it.



And it’s really fun trying to dry her off once she comes back in because she also likes to attack the towel.



The snow started sometime late last night and we had about 6 inches already by the time we woke up this morning.

Definitely a good morning for lots of puppy play and a lazy breakfast :) And morning phone calls with the fam – we talked to my family and Nick’s this morning, and they both have snow too!


Nick made us some amazing coffee this morning using his coffee syphon, and cooked some bacon + eggs. I got some great grapefruits at the store last night, so we split one for breakfast.


This grapefruit was so juicy! And I picked a good one – Nick and I don’t really like the red ones, but this pink grapefruit was just perfect.


Having bright and tart citrus fruits is one of my favorite things about winter. They’re just a little reminder that spring is coming.

On the agenda for today?

Play time outside with Maggie, for sure. Probably some hot chocolate? Maybe some laundry, maybe some baking.

And lots of laziness :)

I love snow days!



  1. Wonderland? I have stronger words for it. Like $^&@ and #*!%. Mother nature needs a serious talking to.

  2. Wonderful snow pics :) You have more there than we do here!!

  3. Enjoy your snow day!
    Do you think VT will cancel anything on Monday?
    …not a chance ;)

  4. I am pretty sure that you guys have had way more snow in VA than we’ve had in NH all winter.

  5. I like snow when it’s not so blistery cold like it is here now.

    Our dogs have boots so the salt and ice doesn’t get in their pads. But the love to play around it in and Peanut even rolls on her back all the time. SHe’s so funny.

  6. Wow that is a lot of snow!

  7. Enjoy the snow! It’s been coming down here for a while not but I don’t think we’ll get nearly the accumulation you are! :)

  8. Wow, you guys are getting so much snow this winter! I’m jealous! My dog used to run around and stick her whole head into the snow to sniff the ground. It was the cutest thing ever!

  9. Wow you have a lot!!! We have more snow than ice and I’m in Upstate SC but it’s not like that over most of Spartanburg. Just as long as the power stays on..

  10. I would be VERY jealous right now if I didn’t have to go to CVS today and weren’t running out of food

  11. We have about the same amount of snow here, hope you’re enjoying it, it’s really coming down!!! :)

  12. Have fun in the snow with maggie today! love the classic breakfast :)

  13. puppies, grapefruit, and snow! i wish i had all those things right now!

  14. wowza! we really haven’t gotten much snow this winter in new england, just a bit here and there. i think you’d win in a snowing contest. but i’m glad to let you ;)

  15. ahh it looks so cold <3
    stay warm!!

  16. I LOVE the snow pics!!! Enjoy the snow!!!! :)

  17. Watching a puppy in the snow is perhaps one of the best things ever!

  18. So pretty!! I wish we had snow up here – all we have is FRIGID temps! At least the snow is a perfect excuse to hole up inside and stay warm and dry!

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