Local Pie

The weekend is officially here!

And by tomorrow morning, we’ll be probably be celebrating by playing in the snow ;) The storm hasn’t hit us yet, but it should start snowing here later tonight.

I’m kind of happy the snow didn’t start this afternoon – it gave me time to get some stuff done tonight.

Before we left work, I called and ordered a pizza for dinner from this awesome local place, Mikie’s 7th. The owners of the restaurant also have a farm here, and everything in the restaurant is local + organic. I’ve bought meat from them before in their store and at the farmer’s market, but we’ve never ordered dinner before tonight.


I got “The Works” for us tonight – it had pepperoni, onions, green peppers, sausage, and mushrooms.



This was our first time ordering pizza here, and I loved it! The crust was perfect – a little chewy and not too greasy or oily.

We picked up the pizza on our way home tonight, so all I had to do once we got home was throw together some salads to go along with the pie.


I had a salad of romaine, carrots, scallions and a little ranch dressing.


Plus 2 slices of cheesy pizza.



Right after I finished eating, I drove up to the grocery store to get essentials + the other food we needed.

I knew it might be crowded since the storm is supposed to hit tonight, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The lines were a little long, but it wasn’t much worse than normal.

I got everything off my grocery list for the week, so we’re set if we do get snowed in!

Nick’s got a movie in right now and I’m hoping to convince him to stop it at 9 so I can watch What Not to Wear :)

I’m ready for pajamas, puppy play time, and maybe a few supercharge me cookies.


Happy Friday!



  1. woooooooot to the weekend! enjoy your friday night :)

  2. Local and organic pizza–too cool! I’d love to find someone that sells meat like them near me

  3. What an amazing pizza! Have a great night, and stay safe in the snow!

  4. talk to the owner of that place and tell him to open another restauraunt in my town, k?! thanks ;)

  5. That is one delicious looking pizza!!!! Friday night pizza is the best!

  6. I think your pizza looks delicious and I am going to have to either make a home made pizza this weekend or go to Papa Murphy’s a take and bake pizza restaurant!! I want pizza!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. That pizza looks yummy!!

    I’m watching What Not To Wear right now and I hope you managed to steal the TV away because it’s a good episode!

  8. That looks like great pizza and all local makes it look even better.

  9. Nothing like good pizza and salad with ranch. Classic all the way. Good luck with the snow. It’s already hit here but it was the really pretty snow so not too bad.

  10. We ordered pizza tonight, too! Perfect Friday night meal, in my opinion. :) Enjoy!

  11. i love some good pizza! mmm

  12. So, I asked my dad about the upcoming snow storm, and he said it “might” flurry a bit in the morning! Ha! We’ll see who’s right! Still, I hope you enjoy your weekend, Brandi!

  13. I hope you got to see What Not To Wear!!! It was an emotional one!

  14. Wow, that pizza sounds and looks incredible! My friends and I were just saying last night that we need some pizza in our lives, and your pie looks like it would it the spot! :-)

  15. That pizza looks amazing!

  16. Would you believe that I cannot think of any restaurants in my area that are organic? It’s such a shame.

    Ooh hope you guys are staying cozy and having fun in the snow today!

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