Have Bag, Will Travel

That lentil soup just keeps on giving!

Nick and I are finishing off the soup leftovers for lunch today, along with some leftover veggies + hummus.


Is it bad that Nick and I can polish off one of these little tubs of Sabra in just over a day? It’s so addicting! I definitely have to buy that huge tub from Costco soon. At least that one lasts for more than a week in our house.


I also brought the other half of my banana from breakfast this morning and 2 supercharge me cookies for an afternoon snack. 


The verdict?

I love them! I ended up using all whole wheat flour and NO dried fruit – just chocolate chips. I love the maple flavor in the cookies, and they were so easy to make. I can’t wait to try them with peanut butter + dark chocolate chips.


Today’s lunch errand should be pretty fun. Nick and I are going to look at a bag for me for our trip to Spain, and I’m excited to try some on!

We’ve decided to go with backpacks instead of the normal “roller bags”. On our trip, we’ll actually be visiting a few different towns and will be moving around a lot and taking trains, and we don’t want to be lugging a roller bag behind us the whole time.

Since Nick and I love hiking and backpacking, we have a few of the internal-frame bags, but most of them are too big to be able to carry on the flights.

Thankfully, we have one day-pack at home that will work, but we need one more for me to take.

Nick sent me one bag option that he found on Campmor today, and it’s a great price!


The best thing about these internal-frame packs is that they keep the weight distributed on your back in a way that normal “bookbag” doesn’t.

You know how carrying a lot of stuff in a bookbag just makes the bag lumpy, uncomfortable, and makes the bag slouch and hang on your back? Internal-frame bags don’t do that. Plus, they usually have a strap that goes around your waist so you carry a lot of the weight there instead of on your shoulders.

Here’s hoping we find one that works!


What do you pack in when you travel? Do you always pack too much or do you have it down to a science?

I’ll admit. I TOTALLY overpack. I’m talking 4-6 outfit choices for a weekend trip. I just like having options, I guess!

But this trip will be different…because I’m going to have to carry all my stuff with me almost the entire time. So the packing will really have to be the bare minimum, especially if I want to save room to bring stuff back with me (like paella or a bull).



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  1. I usually totally over pack but I’m getting better. Having to carry my own bags with a cane on a train during back surgery recovery taught me to just pack what I really need. It was hard and I’m still learning though.

    Besides I hate the laundry when I get back.

  2. I do tend to be an overpacker, BUT I have it mostly down to a science. When I was a kid I would go to my dad’s house every other weekend, so I became a pro at knowing what I’d need for a couple days. (It’s longer trips where I have a problem. Too many shoes!)

  3. Those cookies look so good!! I tend to back in my vera bradley duffel bag. I usually am on point with how much to pack, but I always pack way too much underwear! Don’t know why, lol. Have a great day!

  4. I always overpack, but be sure to bring a bigger suitcase than you think you’ll need! you’ll want plenty of space for souveniers

  5. I’ve always wanted to try making the super charge me cookies. Yum!

  6. Goodness gracious, good for you for packing light! Like you, I tend to waaay overpack for trips haha

  7. i TOTALLY overpack. even for a night/weekend home hah. i typically just use duffel bags to pack in because i think the small size *should* help minimize what i bring. never works out though

  8. Good luck with the packing! I can’t imagine.. i’m an over-packer too.. like crazy over-packer. Options are good, very good!

  9. i def overpack! but id rather have too many options than too few!! :) i LOVE hummus too-i go thru one tub a week on my own!

  10. I have it down to a science :-) I only bring the minimum, I hate carrying a lot of stuff!

  11. mmmm i definitely need to make those cookies. and you just reminded me that i need to start packin’ for my trip! i usually over pack so i am going to try not to this time. hope you have a great weekend, brandi.

  12. i always overpack!! :-/

    these cookies are one of my favorites for sure!!

  13. Is it bad that I can sit and polish off a tub of Sabra roasted red pepper in just one sitting? :) I could seriously do it. I will definitely have to try that cookie recipe!

  14. I am not an over packer at all… I pack cloths that can mix and match.. and usually just one pair rarely two pairs of shoes. I rather do laundry where i am then haul extra stuff around with me.

  15. i ALWAYS over pack too!! love those cookies – they’re great with peanut butter!

  16. I def overpack and then end up wearing the same outfit like 3 days in a row.

    Sabra= <3 YUMM :)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Yeah… Sabra is sooooooo addicting. I need a new tub!

    I always overpack… even when I went backpacking, I had three bags! No good.

  18. I am exactly like you – I like to have OPTIONS! Or I think to myself, “what if I spill something on this shirt? I better have a back-up!” Haha. So props to you for trying to pack lighter for this trip! :)

  19. My daughter and I can polish off hummus in about two days – so easy to just have it on the counter when making dinner and dig in!

    My daughter has packed my bags for me since the age of 8 and has packed her own bags since that age too. Helps to have a Type A in the house!

    I remember the first trip Hannah took with my Mom without me and my Mom wanted to know if I was going to oversee her packing – um, no! She packs exactly enough and has everything down to a science!

  20. I am notorious for over-packing. Last summer I insisted on bringing EVERY sweatshirt I own to Mexico in August. Hey, ya never know if they’ll get hit with a cold spell – crazier things have happened ;). I’m so awful.

  21. hey girl! lentil soup-LOVE it!! and its so filling and healthy what a great comfort food!

    i alwayssss overpack, who doesnt? LOL I would rather over pack than underpack thought ahts for sure!

    cookies look SO GOOD!

  22. I over pack like WHOOOAAA, but I’m getting better!

    Mmm…that soup looks so comforting!

  23. What do you pack in when you travel? Do you always pack too much or do you have it down to a science?

    I pack a lot. I carry a backpack size bag just full of products I may require for whatever length of time I will be away from my home/bathroom.
    I usually pack 3-4 x of each item I need for the time I am away. If I need 2 shirts I ‘ll pack 6 or so .
    It is sad but I hate the idea of waking up and not wanting to wear what is packed.

    I can relate alot to the Sabra not lasting. I am addicted to the crack that is Summer Fresh’s Artichoke and Asiago dip . Probably horrible for me in the grand scheme of things but I adore it and it IS addicting.

  24. My overpacking has become worse over the years. I can definitely fill up a large rolling suitcase with all my stuff. I always fall victim to the “what ifs?”

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