I feel so torn about this weekend – I’m SO ready for Friday and a few days off, but we’re also supposed to get more snow starting tomorrow…I thought winter was close to being over!

Right now, the prediction is anywhere between 4 – 12 inches from tomorrow night through Saturday afternoon, so I guess we’ll see if we get snowed in this weekend ;) I better try to get some groceries tomorrow, just in case.

This afternoon was filled with puppy cuddling & playing and lots of work. Thankfully, Maggie napped for a good chunk of the afternoon, so I got a lot of work done without having to worry about her.

I also had some good chats with a few bloggers, which made my afternoon :)

Before I knew it, it was 5 pm!

And dinner was super easy since it was leftovers – plus hummus.


Right before Nick got home, I got out some broccoli, carrots, and celery and chopped them up to have with some Sabra hummus.


After chopping the veggies, I played with Maggie and worked with her on her tricks until Nick got home. (She’s getting “shake” really well!)

Then all I had to do was cook the rolls and heat up the soup.


We both had some lentil soup, veggies + hummus, and a yeast roll with kerrygold butter with dinner. Well, I had one roll – Nick had two.


We love the Sister Schubert Frozen Yeast Rolls – they’re so good, have a pretty good ingredient list (for not being homemade), and they’re so easy! We can just bake however many we want for that night and keep the rest in the freezer.

After we ate dinner and played with Maggie for a while, I made my first ever batch of Supercharge Me Cookies.


After seeing them all week on’s blog and all the pictures Heather has been posting, I knew I needed to try them for myself.

They’re cooling right now, but Nick just got up to try them – I better get in there and get some while I can ;)

Up next:

The Office and Burn Notice (if we can stay up that long)

Nite guys!



  1. ugh if we get any more snow i’m honestly moving to Florida… can’t handle this!

  2. I hate to say it but I’m jealous of your snow. I’m already on my weekend, so you wanna trade? Your snow for my no-work?

  3. Yum, I need to make those cookies too! I’ve been meaning to do it forever!

  4. Be careful not to get squished at the grocery tomorrow when you go to stock up.

  5. ive been wanting to make those cookies for AGES. thanks for the reminder. if you do get snow, send it my way :) xo

  6. We’re supposed to get some snow, too, and I’m NOT looking forward to it! (Why can’t it happen during the week when work is compromised? ;) )

  7. I just got the Eat Drink and Be Vegan Cookbook and saw these. I almost ran into my kitchen and made a batch last night, but I think I will save them for tonight’s baking adventure. I hope you liked them. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    <3 you girl. Have a great Friday!

  8. Woohoo where should I send my guest post write up too??

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