Coffee Mug Memories

Why is coffee so good?


If you’re a coffee drinker, you know coffee can make or break your morning – and this coffee definitely made it. Good coffee is hard to beat.

When I was getting out of the shower this morning, I heard our coffee grinder burring and it just made me happy :)

Nick made some coffee for us using his crazy coffee syphon and some Costa Rican beans we bought at our local coffee shop (they roast it at the shop!).


We also had some leftover pancakes, so I toasted up 2 sourdough pancakes for me while I cut up a Cara Cara orange for each of us.


When I went to pick my coffee mug this morning, I totally forgot we had this one!


It has all the lighthouses of Virginia on the mug, but 2 are pretty special to us.


Nick and I got married right by the Cape Henry Lighthouses – you can even see the “new” one in one of our pictures!


When I was younger, Herky and Gayle (some family friends) took me to walk through the old Cape Henry lighthouse after finding out my name means “Beacon Light”. I still have pictures from that trip and remember walking up all the stairs and ladders in the lighthouse to get to the top.

It turned out to be the perfect place to get married – tons of history plus the beach :)


Have you ever visited a lighthouse?

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  1. I love coffee. and mugs. I try to get a mug from every where I go. They hold coffee, but memories too.

    I have never visited a light house, but want to! That photo is beautiful.

  2. I love that wedding pic. :) I’ve been to a few lighthouses – in South Carolina and Cape May.

  3. Gorgeous wedding photo!

    And I agree–coffee is certainly one of the highlights of my mornings :)

    Today is Nationaly Blueberry Pancake day! I wish I at least had some pancakes to celebrate with.

  4. Beautiful photo! My family travels to South Carolina every year and I always used to drag my parents to the top of the light house. Mom would go, even though she afraid of heights. :) Good memories.

  5. I’ve never been to a lighthouse; can’t say I’ve given them much thught.
    Coffee is good purely because it is :-D

  6. So with you on the coffee thing – I ask myself “why is coffee so GOOD?” after a good cup, too :P Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    And don’t you just LOVE having leftover pancakes? They’re so good popped in the toaster, and are like a weekend treat for a weekday. Yours look great!

  7. I was watching Ghost Hunters last night, they were trying to find out if a Lighthouse was haunted….
    I hope it was not your lighthouse

  8. My fiance and I got engaged at a lighthouse in Maine :)

  9. I grew up going to Lighthouse Beach near my house… they always remind me of summer! I love your wedding pic! I can’t believe in all the time i’ve “known” you, I’ve never seen wedding pics!

  10. ahhh I look forward to my morning cup of coffee all night… and a cute mug just makes it taste that much better :)

  11. Coffee is amazing, and a special mug makes it that much better :-)

  12. Aw I love that wedding picture! So pretty! I also have a thing for lighthouses…spending summers in Cape Cod I’ve visited a TON!

  13. I have never visited a lighthouse, but I have always wanted to! And I love coffee, and I love special mugs…

    Have a good day!

  14. I’ve visited some lighthouse at the Outer Banks, but it’s been awhile!

  15. that looks like an amazing breakfast. and while i’m not a coffee drinker the *smell* of coffee can make or break my day haha

  16. gah, coffee. how i love thee. i had a mediocre cup from a new shop i tried this morning, and it is definitely breaking my morning. however, i hope you have a wonderful day! keep your head held high and know there are bigger AND better opportunities out there for ya :)

  17. Do I even have to say…I love coffee?
    Where’s this local shop?? I need to get a coffee grinder so I can start using my french press!

    • Mill Mountain! They roast the beans there AND have TONS of different kinds (different beans, plus flavored ones, etc)

  18. I totally am on the same wave length with you about the coffee. And, I was actually just talking with a friend this morning about how the sound of the coffee maker is so comforting to me. :-)
    I have never been to a lighthouse, but your pictures are gorgeous!

  19. Those Cara Cara Oranges look so tasty, I wish I could find them here!

  20. There was a light house on the beach my family went to as a kid. It was so pretty and I remember wanting to live in it.

  21. What a beautiful photograph!! And super cool place to get married. :)

    I’ve been to lighthouses in Acadia, Maine, and in the Outer Banks.

    I’m dying over here, thinking about your freshly roasted Costa Rican blend…

  22. Coffee definitely makes my morning – or ruins it. It’s a must-have in order to function!

  23. i think i need to get a coffee syphon! i agree, not much can beat a good cup of joe!

  24. your pancakes look so perfect! whats your secret?

  25. Oooh I wanna see more wedding photos!

    I am obsessed with coffee and need a coffee syphon!

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