New ‘Tude, Two Shoes, and a Hat

Happy Humpday!!! While I’m still not excited about the crappy news from yesterday, I will say that today has been a better day overall.

First, I’m feeling better. My throat is still bothering me (I just can’t seem to keep it clear?), but it’s much better now than it has been for the past week.

Second, yesterday was bad. Period. And I don’t want a repeat. Everyone has bad days and I think it’s okay to wallow in it sometimes – having a pity party is healthy every now and then, but I think I got that out of my system yesterday.

So – moving on!

A few of you asked for pictures of my new shoes and hat that I got for our trip to Spain, so here they are!


I got these shoes (made by Naturalizer) for $35 at TJMaxx this weekend, and I’m psyched about them!


They look so cute with jeans (which is what I was hoping for) and they *feel* like I’m wearing super-comfy tennis shoes (which is what I needed for all the walking we’ll be doing).

The strap across the top is completely stretchy, too, and they have a thick rubber sole.


I’m actually wearing them today for a little “test run”. They were so comfortable when I tried them on in the store, but I knew I should wear them at least a few times before taking them with me for a week in Spain.

So far, so good. My feet feel great, and I love that I won’t have to wear really clunky tennis shoes on the trip.


And my new hat – which I love.


It’s black and white, and has these cute clasps on the side. I’ve never, ever had a hat like this.

In fact, ALL my other hats are winter beanies, so I’m pretty excited to have a cute girly hat. And it was only $10 at Target.


For the record, it’s super hard to get a cute picture of yourself in the mirror – I either looked totally unhappy or I wasn’t looking AT the camera  ;) Oh well. You get the picture.

I think I have all my trip clothes planned out in my head (or most of them, at least), but maybe I’ll do a post with that so I can get your input. Since I’ve never traveled like this, I just want to make sure I don’t forget anything and that I’m packing the right things!


Calling for Guest Posts!

Sadly, I’m not taking my laptop with me on this trip. We’re going to be moving from town to town, and I’m already going to have to be carrying my luggage, so I don’t want to have to worry about something happening to it or – God forbid – me losing it!

I’m pretty sure my sister or her husband will have one, so I’m expecting internet access at some points, but blogging may be sporadic.

If you’d like to do a guest post here while I’m gone, please email it to me! I’d love to have some of your recipes or ideas or whatever you want!


What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

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  1. I have that hat, and I love it! It looks really cute on you.

  2. I’m so beyond jealous of your trip to Spain! I had the time of my life there! Enjoy every minute and please please please eat some paella for me!

    I’ll do a guest post for sure… I’ll come up with a fun recipe for you!

  3. That hat looks so cute on! I love it :-)

  4. Love the shoes and the hat! So cute! Whenever I travel I must have my ipod for music, movies, tv shows – you never know how long you’ll be waiting at an airport, train station, bus stop etc – oh and a large warm wrap or scarf – planes are always SO cold!

  5. I love the Naturalizer – they have the best shoes! so comfy and a great variety too!

    you look so cute in your hat!

    one thing i can’t travel without is my planner – i love to plan, even when on vacation, that way i get the most outta my trip =)

  6. Love the new shoes and hat. The trip sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a blast!! Sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday. We all have them but that just means that there are better days to come!! so no worries girl. I hope you feel better too!! Take care!

  7. Those shoes look really comfortable. Love the hat :)
    I can’t travel without my camera!

  8. Love the new shoes and hat!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  9. those shoes look awesome! jealous of the find

  10. Glad your day is going better! I love the new hat and shoes! They look so comfortable. I can’t travel without a good book for long plane rides. I started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now and love it so far.

  11. You are the cutest! :) Love the new hat!

    When would you need the guest post by? I’d love to do one for you (but work is hair pullingly crazy until Val) – I could squeak one in depending on your deadline!

  12. Supa cute shoes. And I have the same kind of hat! Cute pic of you!!

  13. I love the shoes and the hat. So cute! :)

    I would love to write a guest post! I’ll try to think of something good!

    I can’t travel without my iPod charger! Music rules my life.

  14. When you said you got a hat, that is totally what I envisioned it looking like! So cute!

  15. My camera is a must when traveling. Also must travel with cash. I’ve been in a few situations where I’ve stopped at small markets that only take cash and missed out on getting some great takeaways from my trip.

    PS – I would LOVE to do a guest post for you :) Just let me know which themes you need more of.

  16. So glad that you’re feeling better, and loving the hat! I would love to do a guest post for you, if you still have the need, just let me know what kind of post theme you’d be needing :-)

  17. aw you look cute in that hat!!! And the shoes look so comfy and perfect for tons of walking!

  18. Love the shoes and the hat! Also, you’re totally right that some days we just need to be down in the dumps, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Glad to hear you’re feeling better today! :)

  19. I am glad you are feeling better,
    But I like the little tude you got going.

    *Dont worry, you are still the sweetest person in my cyber world!

  20. Glad you’re back to feeling like yourself today! :)
    Cute shoes! I love Naturalizer, I just wish they had bigger toe boxes (I have a wonky pinky toe.)
    Have a great day, sweetie!

  21. I was so close to buying that hat from tarjey the other day!!! Hope your day is going great Brandi! xo

  22. I can’t travel without a pair of versatile shoes so I don’t have to keep changing with eat outfit. And I have to have good music for the traveling or a book.

  23. you are so freakin cute! I love those shoes!! and awesome hat, I wish I looked better in hats! I have a very narrow head so most of them don’t fit, i usually find good ones in the kids section LOL I hope you are feeling much better!!

  24. though i am a young one in the blog world Id be happy to guest post for you, if you need me…

  25. cute shoes and hat :) glad today is a little better!!!

  26. oh yay, i am glad you showed us your purchases~ those shoes are PERFECT! they look comfy to walk in but are still really cute and stylish! and the hat.. ohh how i love herringbone! it’s awesome! you look REALLY cute in it!

  27. You are ready now! Comfy shoes, cute hat, and lots of ideas will make this trip one to remember! I’d love to do a guest post while you’re away! I’d be happy to do one on making almond butter or taking killer food photos. Have a great time on my side of the puddle!

  28. LOVE the hat…I have one just like it and I wear it all the time!

  29. Those shoes are from Naturalizer? They’re so cute!
    I always have to have a good book (maybe some magazines) and my camera. Music too. Oh, and I prefer to pack snacks with me. You just never know!

  30. LOVE YOUR HAT! adorable! and i hope all is okay my dear – i totally agree. its okay to wallow a bit. the key is to get back up and keep fighting. lots of love to you – and if i have time, i will DEF send you a guest post!

  31. Glad you had a better day today!

    I love those shoes! I’ve been looking for some like that, so I’ll have to check out TJMaxx.

    When are you leaving for Spain? That’s somewhere I’ve been really wanting to visit.

    I’m interested in doing a guest post too — just have to think of one! :)

  32. LOVE the shoes and the hat! Thanks for showing us! And comfy shoes are definitely a must in Europe :)

    I always pack SNACKS when I travel anywhere! You never know where you’ll be when hunger hits.

  33. love your shoes!

    i have been looking so long for comfortable but stylish flats and i’m afraid, my dear, that you have the shoes i want! :)

  34. Oh man, I totally looked at those shoes yesterday in Marshalls. hahaha…I didn’t like them too much on my foot. but maybe because I had my scrubs on and not jeans. And I love, love, love the hat!!! It’s super cute!! I may end up with something like that, but who knows….

  35. The shoes and hat look absolutely perfect for your trip! Cute and stylish yet comfy. Yay for perfect purchases! :)

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