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Dinner was awesome tonight! I’m already so excited for the leftovers tomorrow :)

Nick and I had to run a few errands at lunch today, so lunch was pretty quick at work.

We both had the leftover baked pasta, and I had a local apple with some cinnamon raisin peanut butter. I didn’t have any green veggies to bring for lunch, but I figured it was okay since I had that green smoothie for breakfast ;)



I brought my apple corer-slicer to use – it’s so much easier than bringing a knife and trying to cut it up at work.


The cinnamon raisin pb was much better on my apple than my celery from last week. I think the sweet pb just needs to be on something sweet!

I had a pretty busy afternoon with work, and I got hungry around 4 so I broke into my “bar stash”.


I love how chunky these bars are – and I like that they’re not overly sweet like a lot of granola-type bars.


Plus, brazil nuts are one of my favorites, so I like that they were in this bar AND that you could actually taste them.

Once we got home and gave Maggie and Roxy hugs and kisses, I started on dinner.


Thank you, Barefoot Contessa.


While Nick played ball with Maggie, I got started on this Lentil Sausage Soup recipe.


The only changes I made were:

  • Cutting everything down just a little (i.e., only 1 onion, 4 carrots, 4 celery stalks, 4 cups of broth and a little water)
  • Used 2 roasted garlic chicken sausages that I browned in a little oil instead of the kielbasa
  • No leeks! I didn’t have any.

This may have been the best lentil soup I’ve ever had.


Soup + yeast roll + Kerrygold butter + a Full Moon? The perfect dinner for tonight.

The weather has gotten colder again, and we’re supposed to get more snow on Friday! Soup was all I could think about today, and it didn’t let me down.

And my parents have been asking for more puppy pictures, so here are a few from tonight.




Isn’t that little curly-q on the end of her tail adorable? I love it. It’s like the end of a candy wrapper.

I went and picked up some more rawhide bones for her tonight, and she LOVES them.

IMG_1574  IMG_1575

And also – once she’s out of this puppy stage, we’re going to need new rugs. I wanted new ones anyways, but she really likes pulling little strings out of them.


e for cuddling :)




  1. That butter is like… heaven on earth. Holy moly.. some things are just worth it, such as good butter.

    Your puppy is too cute!! :)

  2. I love the little things about dogs like Maggie’s tail. Peanut has curly hair behind her ear. And Leo has wicked curls when his fur grows out.

  3. more snow?! ack! say it isn’t so!! I’m craving spring so badly right now.

  4. no to snow! we have a small chance of snow in new england and i’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen

  5. your puppy is so gorgeous!! and your dinner looks fantastic

  6. that eat natural bar looks yummy! what store did ya find it in?

  7. i remember when my dog was a puppy, it took him forever to get through a rawhide bone…now he tears through them so quickly it’s scary!!!

  8. I am convinced I need some KerryGold in my life after hearing about it so much. Maybe after I go through my pasture butter

  9. She is SO cute!

  10. Our old cat loved to scratch her claws over our carpet. Drove.Me.Crazy.

    That soup looks fabulous.

  11. Maggie is so cute! Laverne loves raw hide too — she goes crazy for that :)

  12. Maggie has gotten bigger!

  13. That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen! What a doll! A puppy is on my someday list =)

  14. OMG Maggie is just too cute! I do love the tail… your soup looks stellar too :)

  15. Cannot get over how cute Maggie is! I am going to make lentil soup hopefully this weekend. I’ve been eying the Barefoot Contessa recipe, but I think I’m going to try one from the CIA’s New Book of Soups. I’m actually going to go all out and attempt to make some vegetable broth from stock too. I hope my soup comes out as fabulous as yours. If not, I’m trying the BC recipe next!

  16. oops from scratch (not stock)

    I think it’s time for bed! :)

  17. I know you have talked about eating leftovers quite a bit, but I am a new food blogger and a college student who lives at home and doesnt really have time to cook. I feel really bad that I eat the same thing for a week like lasagna, because it is was it is the fridge and I need the calories… do you think that is okay or should I try to make different things everyday??

    • I think it’s fine if you’re okay with it and don’t get bored. I’ve been known to make something on the weekend (like a soup or grain salad) and have that for my lunches during the week. If that’s the easiest thing for you, go for it! I would just try to mix up your other meals so you don’t get in a big rut with everything.

  18. aww such a cute doggie!!
    GREAT meal! and that bar sounds awesome-i gota find it!

  19. You and Nick should really invest in these chew toys(not sure of the name) but they are red rubber ball-like toys with a hollow center. You fill the inside with peanut butter mixed with dry dog food and then freeze them. My Mom and Dad took their Brittany Spaniel to training and this is what the trainer recommended as a treat/toy. Their dog, Chigger, LOVES it!! It keeps him occupied for a long time. And it keeps him from chewing on other things.
    I am gonna look up that soup recipe-it looks SO good!

  20. mmm i love pasta leftovers! that is one dish that i could leftovers of over and over. love the maggie photos, as always :)

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