No Sugar Coating

I have just had a crappy day. I got some disappointing news today, and I let it totally get me down.

Needless to say, I haven’t been the happiest person today – a lot less talkative than normal and I kind of got sucked into this black hole of a bad mood.


I did treat Nick and I to a snack at lunchtime, just to see if it would help. I got a mocha (half coffee, half hot chocolate) from The Chocolate Spike – it was just as amazing as the last time I had it, but it didn’t do much to cheer me up.

Work was blah – super busy, but not much fun.

I was happy to come home and see Maggie. And very happy that dinner was leftovers, because I was not in the mood to really do anything once we got home.

We sat and watched the news while we played with Maggie, and that helped a little. It’s hard to stay upset when you have such cute animals at home ;)


We had some leftover baked pasta from last night, along with some peas.


I love leftover pasta – the flavors intensify after sitting, and it’s always more flavorful the day after.


Plus, leftover pasta dishes for dinner are just easy.


I hate when I let something affect me as much as this did, but it was just one of those things that kind of “kicked me when I was already down”, you know? And it’s hard to come back from that when you feel like there’s not much to come back to.

Anyway, there it is.

No sugar coating, no trying to act happy. I know that I’m still blessed in many ways and I’m extremely grateful for what I do have…today was just a weird/off day for me, and I’m more than ready for it to be over.

We’re going to TRY to stay awake to watch White Collar tonight, so I think a snack may be in order.

A slice of cake?

Nutella sandwich?

I haven’t decided, but I know I’m going to have some type of “dessert”.


Off to cuddle with my loves and have a good night!



  1. I hope you at least get through your night and have a good night rest to let things go by! Sounds like you’ve had a rough blow and no one deserves kicking when they’re down

  2. Oh I vote for the Nutella sandwich – yum! Sorry you haven’t had the best day…hopefully tomorrow looks a little brighter! Hope you have a great night…I need to check out White Collar!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a down day; watch Annie and pay attention to one song in particular. Has something to do with the sun… =) Only kidding! Coming home to my black lab with her always happy helicopter tail usually cheers me up!

    And White Collar rocks! My newest addiction! I worked with a guy this summer that looks IDENTICAL to Neal… hard to work with him walking around! hah

  4. Enjoy what ever you decide on, you deserve it. I’m sorry it turned out to be a crummy day, I hope you feel better!

  5. sorry about your day being cruddy. hope tonight is good!

  6. Awww babe! I am so sorry to hear about your bummer day! We all have days like this. But tomorrow will be better, I promise! :) Sometimes, a little ice cream or chocolate is all it takes to turn a frown of a day upside down.

    Feel better hun! :)

    Sending you <3 tonight!

  7. Hope tomorrow is better :-(

  8. Sorry you weren’t having a good day. Cuddles and a Nutella sandwich are definitely in order.

  9. Soddy you had a rough day. :( It’s awesome that youare able to own your feelings though. WTG. And embrace the nutella!

  10. Sorry it was such a blah day. I think Nutella can help make it better :) Hope you feel better tomorrow!

  11. I’m sorry that you had a bad day dear, and I definitely think you deserve the biggest nutella sammich that you can make! Hope things turn around for you after a good night’s sleep :) :)

  12. Sorry you got bad news…I’ll be praying for you.

    Enjoy the cuddles and nutella to help ease the pain.

  13. hey brandi!

    first, please let me say that i absolutely adore your blog and have been reading it for a LONG time now; i always look forward to your posts!! your blog has been my gateway into reading others despite that i haven’t yet started my own — hesitation predominates. you’ve given me so much inspiration (especially for my newly-found-but-never-ending love for oatmeal(; hehe) and your food ideas have helped me achieve a happy medium with food, listen to my body, feel in control and, most of all, love myself! i think i have the hang of it after one heck of a roller coaster!

    onto the reply to this post, i had the same down-and-out feeling when i was sick for 2-3 weeks with a combination of chronic pneumonia (inflammation and constriction in my chest along with the infection), the flu, a sinus and double ear infection. i think people just get blue when they’ve been sick for a while, but i don’t want to put words into your mouth. either way, chin up, buttercup! you’re fantastic!:)

  14. So sorry you had a bad day. I hope whatever it is gets better soon! A good night’s sleep always helps a little bit.

  15. bummer about the crappy day! sending good vibes your way :)

  16. So sorry you are down :( Something about a puppy makes things better though. They just love us no matter what and are great at giving that unconditional comfort! Tomorrow will be a better day.

  17. sorry your day wasn’t good :/ i hope you get through your struggle! i know u can do it

  18. Aww I know that feeling Brandi. I hope you feel better soon. That half coffee/chocolate drink sounds yummy!

  19. I know exactly how you feel, however tomorrow is a new day. Enjoy your cuddles and dessert–nutella sounds good! :)

  20. girl sorry for the bad day! but you are ALLOWED to have days like that!! i am sure tommorow will be a brand new and better day! u deserve ice cream!

  21. i’m sorry to hear it – i got some crappy news too and am allowing myself to wallow. sometimes you need it!

  22. love you, brandi! sorry about the bad day!

  23. awee i hope your day gets better:(
    it sucks having “off” days.. we all have them.


  24. Sometimes all you need to do it vent and let your emotions pan out for a bit–I hope all is a little better today for ya!

  25. sorry to hear you had a not-so-stellar day… i had that kinda weekend :( hope you woke up with a smile today :) It is a new day, after all!

  26. Aww feel better Brandi!!!

  27. Sorry to hear you had a crummy day, but I’m sure it helps to be honest about it and move on. I know for me a quick yoga session helps me feel better. Hope today is a better one for you!

  28. Brandi! I’m so sorry that your got some bad news – I hope you are feeling better now though!

  29. As you know, I received some bad news yesterday too, but you make a great point, we already have so much to be thankful for, no point in letting things get us down too much!

    Hope you’re feeling better today! :)

  30. Sorry to hear that Brandi. I hope you’re feeling better today.

  31. Hi! I just discovered your blog and catching up on some older posts. Sorry you had a bad day. I hope that White Collar helped to end it on a good note. I love the show but haven’t seen this week’s episode yet! Have to catch up!

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