A Different Place

Is it only Tuesday? I keep thinking it’s Wednesday, which makes me happy…and then I remember that it’s not. Me and my daydreaming.

Besides the constant clearing-of-my-throat and coughing, I’m feeling okay today. No headache to speak of; just a Brooke Davis/Rachael Ray sounding voice. Nice, huh?

I’m just ready to be able to sound normal again.

I had one of those lunches where I was looking forward to part of it, but not all of it. Do you ever have those days? Where there’s something in your lunch you can’t wait to have, but one thing you just don’t even want to eat?

Amazingly, the part of my lunch that is the best for a still sick person like me was my soup – which was also the part I just wasn’t feeling today. But I ate it anyways, and it changed my mind.


Since I received tons of those Progresso soups a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to start bringing them for easy lunches. Today I had the Southwest Veggie Soup. I love that it has corn + beans in it, but I wish I had hot sauce or crushed red pepper to add a bit more spice to it.


Even without the extra kick, it went great with my black bean burger, on my “bun”, and some leftover broccoli + butternut squash.



At least I’m getting in the veggies with this lunch.

Back to the daydreaming.

I’ve pretty much been doing that since opening the mail yesterday. See, Nick and I got a calendar and newsletter from Jovenes, the orphanage we visited this past summer and now that’s all I can think about.

My boys, the group, the trip.

My life just seemed to matter more when I was there. Like I had a real purpose. Maybe it was just the fact that I was doing something for someone else and not thinking about myself that week.

Maybe I’m just having a hard time sitting at my computer at work today…wishing that I was in Honduras instead.

I miss seeing their smiling faces and getting hugs when we got out of the van each day. I miss them joking on me for not knowing much Spanish. I miss those days of not having anything to do but serve them and work hard and spend time with them.

I just miss them.

If you could be anywhere today, where would it be? Why?



  1. I would be right where I am. On my couch at home. Because I’m leaving in a few minutes to return to campus and I know I’ll miss this place

  2. I wish I could be on the mission field doing my job. Eventually Hunni and I want to go on the mission field for our career but for now w are here.

  3. Right now I’d love to be on a beach somewhere, but in all reality I’d like a trip home to hang out with my parents for a bit.

    Glad you’re feeling better!!

    Oh, and I made/had roasted mushroom, brussel sprouts & onions in honor of you today. Soooooo good! :)

  4. oh girl…i know how you feel! but to do your job now will allow you to do more of that work in the future – i always remind myself of that. if i could be anywhere, i really think i would be on a beach. sounds cliche, but i just cant think of anywhere i would rather be!

  5. i keep thinking it’s wednesday too! classes start on wednesday so i keep panicking about being late haha

  6. If I said in bed, would that make me a bum?

    Brooke Davis voice sounds like it could be pretty hot ;)

  7. Glad you are feeling better! Missing them now will make it that much more special when you do get to see them :)

    If I could be anywhere, I think I would choose the beach as well. It’s been too cold, for too long and I’m ready for spring.

  8. Traveling pretty much anywhere! I’m on the couch though and that isn’t too bad either ;-)

  9. Glad to hear you are both feeling better, we would like to be visiting with you and Nick

    Love ya,
    mom & dad

  10. i defintiely have some meals where i am only looking forward to part of it, the other part usually consists of something i have to eat up/leftovers.

    if there is anyplace else i could be tomday instead of DC, i would go back to the bahamas =)

  11. Somewhere warm! Ugh, the Vermont weather is a bit chillayy for moi

  12. Having just gotten back from visiting family in Ireland, and though I do love it there, I am happy just to be home! I am glad you heard from the kids and sad that it is so difficult for you to miss them. You are amazing!

  13. I totally get you on the lunch issue. Some days, I am so excited to eat the crackers that I can dip in the soup, but not the actual soup. Sounds weird, but I understand!

    Hope you got through your daydreaming kind of day. And guess what, tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!! YAy!!! 1/2 way through hun!

  14. I love daydreaming. It gets me through the day. I wish Andy and I were in Maui right now. I miss it!

  15. Somedays it’s great to daydream, I think it keeps us reminded of things other than ourselves :)

    I would have loved to be at some amazing job in a bustling city today–like Paris. I’m feeling rather “stuck in a rut” career-wise all of the sudden.

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