Family Sick Day

Well, Nick and I both took sick days today. At home right now, we’ve got Sniffly (me), Coughy (Nick), and Cuddly (Maggie). And Angry (Roxy).

We’re both feeling a little bit better after getting some more rest this morning, but the colds are still there.

After getting up with Maggie, feeding the pets, taking them out, and getting our showers, we decided to stay home.

So – we both took morning naps, before we even ate breakfast! That nap helped my headache a bit (thank goodness) and once we woke up, we were ready for some oatmeal.



I had some oatmeal with an old favorite: Nuts over Raspberries trail mix from Trader Joe’s (my last bag!).

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup trail mix


After we ate, Maggie cuddled down on the couch again with Nick and we just hung out together until we were hungry for lunch.


Nick made us each a grilled cheese sandwich and we split a can of Progresso Italian Style Vegetable soup.


By this time, we were both feeling a little better and the skies had cleared up so it wasn’t so gray and gloomy outside.


The soup and grilled cheese definitely hit the spot.

My throat is feeling a little better, and my headache seems to have gone away. I think that little bit of extra sleep helped Nick feel better, too, but we’ll see. This cold has lasted over a week for me! I hope his goes away soon so he doesn’t have to deal with it all week.


Favorite kind of cheese?


  1. Hope you ALL feel better soon!

  2. I love asiago and smoked cheddar! Hope you guys feel better!

  3. Aw hope y’all feel better soon! Grilled cheese and soup is probably in my top 10 meals though…so yummy and soothing. My favorite kind of cheese is probably Parmesan – followed closely by brie!

  4. I hope it goes away quick. Mine morphed into an upper respiratory infection complete with inhaler.

    My favorite cheese is manchego especially with an apple wedge.

  5. Ahh i’m seeing these grilled cheese sandwiches everywhere in blog world right now!! Not even kidding–now i’m totally craving one. But with lots of mustard, tomato slices, jalapeno-jack cheese and maybe some avocado :)

    Love the chocolate-y oats too, as always!! Hope you’re feeling better!

  6. awww at least you get to spend some time sniffling together :)

  7. Blue cheese! Well at least at the moment that’s my fave :)

  8. soup and grilled cheese is such a wonderful meal on a sick day. Love it!

    My favorite cheese is muenster or pepper jack.

  9. i hope you ALL feel better soon. keep it up with those yummy, warm eats. so good for when you are sick!

  10. Feel better soon!

    Piave, an Italian cheese. I eat it almost every day!

  11. Get well soon! With all of the healthy, yummy, soul food you’ve eaten today, you’re body’s well prepared to fight off whatever yucky bug you’ve caught!

    Fav cheese- good question. Nothing beats a really good aged cheddar cheese.

  12. Brie or blue cheese, yum! Feel better!

  13. Hope you both feel better soon! I love Gruyere!

  14. oh girl…i hope you and the family feels better soon! my current fave is pepperjack – love the extra kick!!!!

  15. Gouda and fontina! Hope everybody gets to feeling better soon!

  16. Honey, rest and feel better, ok?!

  17. get better!! soup + grilled cheese is a perfect combo :)

  18. Feel better.. something is def going around my school.. we had like 10 kids out today!! Lotsa rest and great food (which it looks like you are getting!) :)

  19. I hope ALL of you feel better soon – just think, new HIMYM tonight :)

  20. Great sick day food!

    Favorite cheese: Brie

  21. I hope you get to feeling better!! Soup and grilled cheese is the perfect “get well” food. xoxo

  22. hey! i’ve been a blog reader for a long time now.. i used to keep one myself but it got too hard to keep up with my busy schedule..

    i just came across yours today and the first thing i see is your polka dot pampered chef bowls! i got so excited. my mother has been a pampered chef for YEARS ever since i was very very young. not to be weird it was just great to see the product :)

    i shall be reading more of your blog and am going to your about me RIGHT NOW :)


  23. Man – you can’t seem to catch a break with this cold. At least you got to stay home together. That’s kinda fun!

  24. Nothing better than grilled cheese. It’s the best comfort food, IMO. I just bought a bag of that trail mix and it is AWESOME. Worth stocking up on. (I have yet to try it on oatmeal, so that’s next up.)

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