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Sorry for the short post – my head is killing me tonight. It kinda feels like it’s about to explode, so I don’t want to be on the computer for very long.

I just HAD to post about this cake!

My friend Jen sent me a link to this sourdough chocolate cake the other day since she knew I had some starter.

I had never heard of making dessert with sourdough, let alone a chocolate cake. I knew I had to try it.


I had my starter out after making pancakes this morning, and I also set out a stick of butter before we left for church so it could soften up.


The cake was extremely easy to make – I mixed up the batter while the potatoes were in the oven for lunch and put the cake in to bake as we were eating.


It cooled while I was doing laundry and I frosted it before starting dinner.

Margot’s Sourdough Chocolate Cake


I’ll address the obvious first.

My layer cake skills are not great – yet  :)  This is a HUGE improvement over the very first layer cake I ever made.

Nick wanted a german chocolate cake a few years ago for this birthday, so I made it, but it was crooked…the layers weren’t sitting right…and it ended up just kind of falling apart.

So…I’m not winning any contests with this cake,  but at least my mess-ups weren’t too bad ;)

I also ran out of powdered sugar and made my own (sort of). I put some sugar in the blender and just let it go until it looked like powdered sugar. It kind of worked? Some parts of the icing seemed a bit grittier than normal, but the icing tasted awesome!


The layers are so messed up, but it tasted great :) And I’m so happy it turned out better than last time, that I don’t really care it’s not perfect.

We just finished eating small slices and are snuggling with Maggie.

Dinner was good, too. I finally tried Ina’s Spinach Gratin


I made a few changes:

  • I halved the recipe
  • Used a mix of evaporated milk / 1 % / half n half
  • Cooked the onions in olive oil instead of butter


We had the spinach with some steamed butternut squash and turkey.


Off to bed for us! We’ve got to get better soon, right?!



  1. That cake looks delicious! Hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. Get some rest so you guys get better soon! That spinach gratin looks good!

  3. FEEL BETTER!! Take some drugs and get some sleep :)

  4. I’d feel awesome just making a layer cake! That always scares me–go Brandi!

  5. I think your cake looks fabulously delicious! Layer cakes def aren’t an easy task :) The gratin sounds fabulous as well, if only I could brainwash the man to eat cooked spinach hmph. I hope that the both of you feel better after a good night’s sleep, sending well wishes your way!

  6. Layer cakes scare me too! I’m not the best baker…

    Feel better!!

  7. that cake looks to die for!! amazing!! rest up girl!

  8. Seriously? Your cake looks amazing! And yummy!

    Hope you feel better very soon! :)

  9. So long as it tastes good, who cares how it looks? :)
    I hope you guys are back to 100% very soon!!

  10. I knew it would be a lovely cake or cookie. Looks good and as long as you have no dreams of being Ace of Cakes who cares.

    I hope you feel better soon. I’m on week 2 of this mess.

  11. That cake looks SO good! Never thought of sourdough as a cake.. love the idea! Hope your head feels better asap!

  12. What a yummy gratin! Who cares how the cake looks – it’s all about taste that matters! That cake sounds fantastic. Sourdough?! Yes please!

    Hope your head feels better!

  13. Cake looks delish!

    Hope you are feeling better this morning!

  14. Your cake looks lovely!! I had no idea you could make dessert with sourdough.

  15. Your cake looks really good (like it came out of a magazine)!

    I buy Kabocha at Eats Naturals in case you were wondering! They usually have it one week out of the month. Sooo worth it :)

  16. *drools* all of your food always looks soooo yummy!

  17. Your post just made me hungry…

    The batter! The cake! Both look delicious.

  18. That cake looks yummy, i’ve never heard of using sourdough in a cake either!

    And the gratin… OMG!

  19. what are you talking about?? the cake looks amazing!

    the frosting on the outside is beautiful!

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