In Sickness…

Now Nick is sick :(

Nick ended up not getting home until around 9:30 last night, so our dinner was some homemade chicken noodle soup I pulled out of the freezer and some hot toddys for both of us.

My throat is still hurting today, but it seems like Nick is just starting with this cold. I hope his doesn’t last as long as mine has!

Since I had my sourdough starter out for a dessert recipe, I went ahead and made some sourdough pancakes this morning.


Bob-style, with an egg + maple syrup on top.


I think these were the best batch yet!


Pancakes, eggs, and maple syrup are so good together – a little of everything is the perfect bite.

Nick and I also split a cara cara orange with breakfast – our new favorite fruit.


We headed off to church this morning, but had to cancel fun lunch plans today. Nick just wasn’t feeling well enough to be out any longer, so we’re planning on rescheduling our lunch date and just came home for an easy lunch.


Since our original plans were to eat with friends today, I didn’t really have anything planned for lunch.

But loaded baked potatoes are always a good option :) As soon as we got home, I got the potatoes in the oven while I started working on the dessert.

Once the potatoes were done (cooked with just a little olive oil + salt on the outside), we loaded on the toppings.


Mine had:

  • last of the turkey sausage from yesterday morning’s omelets
  • scallions
  • Kerrygold butter
  • queso
  • salsa

Plus some broccoli + queso on the side.

Now we’re just hanging out…waiting for the dessert to cool :)

Nick is napping with Maggie, and I’m working on laundry.

It is NASTY outside today – gray, rainy, and cold – so it’s a good day to be sick, inside the house.

Clue for the dessert?


super bubbly sourdough! I can’t wait to try this.



  1. ooh I can’t wait to see what you end up making with the bubbly sourdough. yum!

    Hope Nick feels better soon!

  2. oh curse those sickly germs! hope Maggie doesn’t catch the bug next! :(

  3. Gotta love sharing in marriage including germs.

    But can’t wait to see your love dessert. I live vicariously through your baking habits.

  4. mmmm i LOVE putting a runny egg on my pancakes! it’s been far too long since i have done that. sorry the hubs is sick now too :(

  5. oooh loaded potatoes! yum :-) Hope your throat clears up, and hope Nick feels better soon too!

  6. How do you make a starter and use it in the pancakes? they look so good! I’ve never thought of putting eggs on top of pancakes but sounds delicious!
    And I hope your husband feels better soon :)

  7. Those pancakes look incredible! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  8. Aw hope Nick feels better!

    Those pancakes with broken egg yolk on top look delish! Sunday breakfast is the best :)

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