Super Shopping

I went out this morning, hoping to find some shoes for our trip and a hat. I’m excited to say that I found both!

I found a pair of shoes that will be perfect for Spain, and they were only $35 at TJMaxx. And I found a super cute hat at Target that I’m pretty excited about. I don’t wear hats very often, so it’s hard for me to find ones that I like and that I think look good on me. I just had Nick give me his opinion, and he liked it so I think I’m good to go.

I just figure it will be good to have a cute hat to wear in case my hair is just gross/weird on the trip OR if it’s really windy since the hat will keep my hair from getting really tangled. It only takes a slight breeze to mess up my bangs and turn my hair into one big knot, so I think the hat will help.

I got the groceries we needed and picked up Panera for us for lunch on the way home.


I got the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich on their whole grain bread. This is always good, but they skimp on the hummus!


I also got some unsweetened tea and, since I’m giving my bag of chips to Nick for one day this week, I had some these veggie chips that Nick’s mom gave us.


Nick’s going to work on the sound stuff for church tonight so it’s just the girls at home for a few hours – me, Maggie, and Roxy.

I think we’ll be doing fun stuff like laundry, cleaning, and maybe baking a cake?

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!


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  1. I love those veggie stix! So good. Glad you found cute shoes and a hat!

  2. That sandwich looks yummmmy, I do like a lot of hummus though!

  3. I used to LOVE that sandwich from panera but I agree, they skimp on the hummus!

  4. TJmaxx has never failed me .. let’s see the shoes, girlfriendd!!

  5. tjmaxx is always hit or miss with me. glad it was a hit for you!

  6. Glad you found some cute buys today. Me too! Love when I have a successful shopping trip!

    Have a lovely ladies night my dear. :)

  7. great to hear you had some luck with the shopping! show us the purchases :)

  8. Ooo a cake in your future sounds fun!

  9. TJ Maxx is amazing for great deals. I get a good bit of stuff there.

    You are right to get a hat. Spain can be windy and sunny so either way you are covered.

    My Saturday was interesting but turning out to be good. Had to cancel a trip to NYC due to my throat and then ran errands. Now I’m getting ready for the gym.

  10. Ooh, veggie straws? Never heard of them, but they look yummy!

  11. I had Panera for lunch, too!

  12. mediterranean food is definitely one of my favorite cuisines! this sandwich looks great.. au bon pain makes a to-die-for mediterranean wrap that i loveeee.

  13. TJ Maxx and Target= two of my favorite places to shop! Could we possibly see some pics of the new finds?

  14. baking a cake does sound fun!!! glad you found some good purchases.

  15. Post a pic of the shoes! I love seeing other people’s purchases. (I’m weird.) :) Glad you had a successful day!

  16. Just wanted to say that I just found your blog and I’m really enjoying reading! :)

    I love Panera! And how cool that you are going to Spain!

  17. Yay for the shoe find! So exciting :D
    I haven’t had Panera is forever! Now I want some, haha.

  18. I always seem to find what I need plus more at TJ Maxx, but they are usually pretty good deals!

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