Lucky Lunch

TGIF, right? Today is busy, but at least the day is flying by.

My head isn’t as stopped up as it was yesterday, which is good. But my throat hurts worse today :( I’m hoping that means this cold is on its way outta here! But there may be more ice cream in the cards tonight, if my throat is still scratchy when we get home.

Nick and I both had some leftovers for lunch today so we could clean out the fridge.

He had pizza; I had the rest of the chili with some avocado, and the last of my roasted brussels/mushrooms.


I guess the good thing about being sick is I can’t smell very well. Nick said my veggies smelled disgusting, but it didn’t bother me!


But he’s also not a fan of brussel sprouts. I still enjoyed them, and felt good knowing that I was getting in so many veggies at lunch today.


While we were on our lunch break, we headed over to Walmart to look at backpacks for the trip.

Well, I ended up finding the perfect little purse! I wanted one that I could put across myself (not just hang on one shoulder) so it would be more comfy to be wearing all day long in Spain.

I didn’t want one that was too big, but it did need to be big enough to carry my wallet, little camera, and things like chapstick and granola bars, etc.

I ended up and found one – AND it was only $3 and the only one left! It was like the little purse was just sitting there, waiting for me.

I love when things happen that way :) Definitely made me happy.


What’s making you happy today?


  1. serendipitous! i love it when things like that happen too. feel better!

  2. Not a fan of brussels? I couldn’t fathom the thought :-)
    I’m really just looking foward to the weekend and getting past dinner. I feel like I should make a meatloaf for people, but I just feel lazy

  3. Great buy at Walmart.

    I am happy its Girls Night Out!
    No husbands or Chuck E Cheese tonight.
    Whoo Hoo

  4. I love when that happens. Happened to me with my gym bag.

    Today I’m super happy to be getting back to the gym. I’m just a little congested still but want to run so that is a good sign I think I’m ready.

  5. Wow awesome find on the purse! my boyfriend says the same thing when I eat brussels….yum

  6. I’m making chili this weekend and need to remember to get some avacados to place on top! Looks SO good. :)

  7. love the green spoon! (I’m excited to use the pink one you sent me! I’ve been saving it for a soup day!)

    I had a purse like that for Italy and it was perfect for sightseeing!

  8. That spoon is cute!
    Reading a book and clean apartment made me happy:)

  9. Love when stuff like that happens!

    Today – my lunch made me happy – drops of delicious Tabasco on each bite of mexican chowder.

    Then tonight when its Pizza Party Friday! Not sure how many more I can pull off – my husband kind of gets sick of it! :D

  10. I am happy it is Friday!

    Hoooray on finding just the right purse for $3.00!

  11. Happy is coming home to my yellow lab and playing until he’s pooped and ready to hang out on the sofa with me!

  12. I traveled with a cross the body purse and it was a God send – loved it! Freed up my hands and it was close to my body. Another tip I have is to get a travelers neck wallet to keep your money and passport in.

    Hope your cold goes away ASAP!!

  13. 3 purse?! ca-ching!

  14. had an amazing steak dinner (that I didn’t have to pay for) with a fun group of people made me really happy yesterday :)

  15. haha i love the Brussels sprout story :) i love my Brassicaceae veggies, too, and look past whatever some people consider an odorous smell. stick with ’em!

    oh, and congrats on scoring a great new purse! when traveling to europe (or anywhere in general really) it’s helpful to have a purpose that you can sling around your body closely to best be safe. i hope you have a great trip; it sounds amazing!

    have a lovely day!xox

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