Icy Delay

Well, I’m still feeling pretty crappy this morning, but we did get a 2 hour delay for work because of the ice!

So, we turned off our alarm clocks and cuddled with Maggie until we needed to get up and get moving.

Plus, that gave us time to really sit and enjoy breakfast :)



Nick cooked up the last of the bacon and some eggs while I cut up our last cara cara orange and made some oatbran for me.


Oatbran is the perfect base for eggs!


We also had some of our Sumatra coffee from Mill Mountain – it was perfect. That coffee syphon makes some good brew!

We’ve got about 30 minutes until we need to leave for work, so I’m going to play with Maggie. She doesn’t seem to care that I can’t breathe very well ;)


Do you have matching mugs or all different ones? What’s your favorite mug/cup?

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  1. I have all different mugs… not matching at all… not that I don’t want to.. just happened that way. Fav mug? it varies from time to time. now I use a beer mug that I brought from Germany as tea mug! ;)

  2. I was totally hoping for an ice delay this morning, but alas, no luck! My favorite mug: a curvy one with a cat on it that I got from my grandma before she died…

  3. That is the coolest mug I’ve ever seen!!! We don’t really even have mugs. I don’t drink coffee or tea so we barely own any!

  4. We have all different ones. My favorite is one that I’ve had since I was little, it has a cat on it!

  5. That mug is too cute! We have all different ones, and my favorite is by far my Days Of Our Lives one

  6. The mugs in our house are all different – I collect the Starbucks mugs though so there are a few that are similar. Feel better and be safe! At least it’s Friday?!

  7. ummm that might be one the weirdest yet coolest mugs out there. i do have a favorite mug — it’s one that i got at citizen’s bank haha. the logo has come off though so now it’s just a boring old green mug ha

  8. I hope you feel better!

    I have all the same cups, An old Martha Stewart collection from Kmart. It has coffee size and cappacino size, Love them.
    But my favorite is my big green plastic cup that holds about 20oz. I use it for hot and cold. I think I got it at the dollar store. HUH

  9. I love my rounded mug with monkeys all over it. Feel better!

  10. none of my mugs are matching – they are more of memorable things for me that I’ve gotten from a bunch of different places. hope you start feeling better!

  11. My mugs, the few that I have, are all different. (I definitely need to buy more!) And my favorite is one that I painted at a place called Amazing Glaze – you pick your piece of pottery and then paint it yourself. So fun!

  12. I love that mug! What a mug! Ha, get it? I’m so lame.

    We have a set of mugs from the coffee shop in our old college town. A guy used to make them and sell them there. Everyone called them “Commonplace mugs.” You can immediately tell where someone got them if you see one.

  13. Big mugs are my favorite! I have a rather ridiculous collection of oversized mugs – I use them for coffee (lots), cereal, soup – anything!

  14. The mugs that came with our quarters all match but ours are all different. I pick them to match my mood for tea for the day.

  15. cuddling dogs make it SO hard to get out of bed! haha i actually said that on my FB status today. sorry you didn’t wake up feeling better~ i was sure you would! that mug is adorable. my favorite coffee mug is my contigo one from costco only because it keeps my coffee hot for hours (i am still drinking my coffee and it is 4 hours later! piping hot!) but it is not very cute! get some rest this weekend :)

  16. That mug is pretty much the best thing ever.

  17. I love enjoying a nice breakfast and not being rushed :) Hope you’re feeling better – I’m sure playing with Maggie with help your spirits as well! Enjoy!

  18. I adore having all different mugs to drink coffee out of. I have a few that came with my plate setting but one of my favorite things to do is go browse places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for funky mugs :)

  19. i LOVE your mug! totally awesome. we are supposed to get an ice storm here and i am NOT happy about it. hope you are having a lovely day my dear :)

  20. I still get the VT alert texts so I was jealous about your two hour delay while I was on my way to work!

    Your mug is so cute and fun :)

    I love mugs and teapots! There is something so cozy about curling up with a mug of warmth. I think I might be heating up some hot coco sooooon.

    I hope you feel better too!!

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