Dinner with Depp

We are ca-razy on Friday nights! Laying on the couch, and playing with our puppy?

I’m telling you – it doesn’t get crazier than that :)

My afternoon snack totally came from a healthy snack idea someone posted the other day: ants on a long.


Only I didn’t have any raisins, so I just brought some celery + cinnamon raisin pb.


It was really good, but very confusing at first! I kept expecting salty peanut butter, but this cinnamon raisin pb is sweet. I liked the combo, though! And it’s good to know this will work when I don’t have any raisins in the house.


Dinner tonight was leftovers from last night. Nick and I each had a turkey sausage with some of the pesto + kale pasta, plus some salad.


We fed Maggie and finished watching Public Enemies while we were eating dinner. The movie was pretty good, but really long and the story seemed to take a long time to unfold.



But I’ll watch anything with Johnny Depp :)

I’ve got to finish my grocery list so I can go shopping tomorrow, and I just can’t think of meals I want to make. I think having this cold and not being able to really taste much is keeping me from being inspired.

I guess I’ll look through a few cookbooks and the coupons I have…I hope I have a plan by the time I get in the store tomorrow!

There MAY be some vanilla ice cream eaten tonight….my throat hurts so bad, and I think it’ll help? We’ll see.


Happy Friday and TGIF :)



  1. I neeeeeeeed to try that PB! Sounds so good!!

  2. i felt the same way about that movie. but the men were awesome to oogle :) and YES to ants on a log!! it was a childhood snack for sure for me

  3. Haha, my Friday is about as crazy as yours, and I love it :-)

  4. enjoy your night you crazy thaaaang!

  5. Spending a night watching Johnny Depp sounds like the perfect evening to me :)

    Hope your throat feels better soon!

  6. This sounds like just my kind of crazy night. :-) Hope your throat feels much better!

  7. ice cream will help for sure ;) xoxo

  8. Oh yes, ice cream definitely helps with your throat. Another thing: hot water, with lemon and honey. SUch a great natural remedy. Try it, my dear!

  9. ice cream will help ANYTHING!!

  10. I love that PB. But you are right that sweet PB is weird.

  11. Sorry you’re still not feeling well- it’s never too cold to eat ice cream :)

  12. That dinner looks so good (both nights)! I was on the couch last night too…. it feels SO good sometimes to do nothing on a friday night. Enjoy Saturday! :)

  13. I had a very similar friday :-)

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