Frozen Lunch

Man, I’m so glad it’s Thursday. I’m ready for the weekend, but now am just hoping that this cold goes away soon :(  We have some fun plans this weekend, and I don’t want to be sick for them.

I worked through the morning, but a storm is coming through and we’re supposed to have freezing rain/sleet for the rest of the afternoon and evening – my boss was nice enough to close the office for the afternoon, so I can just rest now!

It started raining at the house about an hour ago, and I can already see ice crystals on our deck. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad!

With the afternoon off, I have a feeling I’m going to be doing some serious napping + cuddling with Maggie.


It took me so long to decide on lunch. Honestly, I didn’t really want anything because I can’t taste anything so no foods really sound good to me.

But I remembered I had some brussel sprouts I needed to cook (or throw away), so I roasted them with some cremini mushrooms.


While those were cooking, I heated up the last of the whole grain rice mix from the other night and cooked 2 eggs.


Really – rice + eggs are so good together! I guess that’s why I like fried rice, but it’s even better with a runny yolk.


Then I topped the eggs, rice, and brussel/mushroom mixture with some salt, garlic, and crushed red pepper so I could REALLY taste everything.

It turned out to be a good lunch, and really filling.


Off to take it easy + rest with the pup!


What’s your favorite veggie to roast?


  1. I went for brussels too! but roasting takes too much effort, haha

  2. Roasted brocolli rabe is AWESOME.

  3. butternut squash

  4. Hope you feel better for the weekend!!

    Yep, we had freezing rain too – no fun!

    Spaghetti squash!

  5. broccoli!!!! with garlic & olive oil, oh yummmm

  6. I just recently tried brussel sprouts and was surprised that I like them, I also love squash–typically butternut. So creamy and sweet!

  7. I love roasted carrots and eggplant.

  8. Love Brussels sprouts…and squash…and eggplant…anything really! Oh and the addition of eggs always makes any dish 100 times better…! Feel better!

  9. i love mushrooms soooo much. like now i’m going to have to go find some because of this haha

  10. Sweet potatoes or brussel sprouts! That lunch does look awesome.

  11. That looks great! I love roasted b-sprouts and broccoli — so good :)

  12. I think there isn’t a veggie I don’t love roasted. Your Brussels sprouts look awesome!

    Get better soon!!!

  13. i loveeee roasted broccoli!

  14. That’s a great lunch idea! My favorite roasted veggie would have to be the sweet potato.

  15. I love roasting veggies (squash, brussels, sweet potatoes…)
    And yes, we need to meet up! Can you believe how gross/dangerous it is outside? :?

  16. i love to roast butternut squash!

  17. I LOVE roasted veggies! I really like roasted tomatoes… all you need is a little salt and olive oil and you have the best bruschetta!

    Feel better… I hope you’re well to enjoy your weekend festivities!

  18. Honestly, probably brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes..and anything root…and mushrooms and onions…umm everything?!

  19. that is such a hard question. i have been really into roasted broccoli lately, though!

  20. I love doing Cauliflower! Cut it into small florettes and roast until dark brown. It is so good and you would never know it was cauliflower. Also sweet potatoes and squash. Feel better soon!

  21. Definitely zucchini! I could eat it every day all day!

  22. Ooooh ooooh oooh radishes, ooooh or kabocha, oh yeah or sweet potato…. Ummm IDK I love roasted veggies

  23. Glad you got the afternoon off to rest up. That’s the best way to recover from a cold :)

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