Sicker by the Minute


I have the worst head cold now! It seemed to just get worse and worse as the day went on.

My head is all stopped up, my throat is scratchy, and I can’t breathe. Fun, huh? :)

I did have some veggies + hummus this afternoon, even though I couldn’t really taste it.


By the time we were heading home, I could barely breathe out of my nose and my head just felt like a balloon.

Since I can’t really taste much right now, I decided to push the dinner plans for tonight until tomorrow – the meal I was going to make was something I was really looking forward to, and I want to actually taste it!

So tonight was an easy frozen pizza + salad night, thanks to Nick.


He ran up to the store after work while I watched Maggie and put together a salad of romaine, carrots, red onion, almonds, and some balsamic/olive oil/dijon dressing.


I had 3 pieces of a California Pizza Kitchen Margherita Pizza, and Nick had one piece of this + some of the supreme pizza he got for himself.

I’m already in my pajamas – I’m not sure how much longer I’ll make it tonight. Maybe a bubble bath will clear my head? Maybe nothing?

I’m going to take some cold meds and read my book until I crash.


See you in the morning!


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  1. Aww hope you feel better! I just made a big batch of soup, too bad things can’t be sent through the internet :-/

  2. hopefully you can get a good night of sleep and that cures you!

  3. Hope you’ll feel better soon! Hope you’ll get some rest…

  4. Hope you feel better asap! Love the pizza, looks delish!!

  5. Ick! That doesn’t sound like any fun. Feel better and rest up!

  6. Oh no feel better! I had that same thing last weekend…lots of tea and lots of sleep!!

  7. So sorry you are getting worse. Enjoy the bath and relax. Let it take its course.

  8. Sorry you’re feeling sick! Hopefully all those veggies will work their magic :)

  9. Oh no, I hope you feel better! I think The Man has something veryyyy similar, we were at CVS tonight getting some cold/sinus meds for his stuffiness too, tis the season :(

    On a brighter note, that CPK marg pizza is prob one of my fave frozen pizzas – love it! Great quick meal and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tmrw night’s din!

  10. AWw, you poor thing! I am so sorry you are feeling lousy. :( No fun, no fun at all.

    Hope you get that bubble bath and hope it makes you feel 100X better.

    Get some rest and take care of yourself sweetie!

  11. Aw, sweetie I hope you feel better soon!! And what a sweet husband to go get some yummy frozen pizza for dinner :)

  12. FEEL BETTER!!!! Get some rest :)

  13. A bath certainly can’t hurt! Sorry you’re not feeling well. :(

  14. Hope you feel better! That pizza looks yummy :)

  15. Sorry you are not felling good, get some rest and tell Nick I said to take care of my girl.

    Love Ya

    3 weeks to Spain

  16. I’m sorry girl! Hope you feel better!!!

  17. Oh no! Feel better, Brandi :-)

  18. aww feel better girl!
    ps so sweet your daddy commented :)

  19. Hugs, Brandi! So sorry you’re sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  20. Feel better soon, colds are the worst :-(

  21. Hope you’re feeling better this morning!

  22. I hate that feeling! Hope you feel better soon!

  23. oh nooooooooo. get BETTER!

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