Window Shopping

Ugh, it’s always so hard to be back at work after a long weekend.

There are tons of emails to sort through, work to be done, and other things to catch up on. The only good thing is that this week is one day shorter than normal :)

Nick and I had a bunch of leftovers to choose from for lunch today, and I ended up with the last of the apricot turkey dish, whole grain mix, and broccoli.



The mix of apricots and balsamic vinegar was so good! I’m going to have to make it again.


And I had a tangerine for a sweet ending.


During our lunch break, Nick and I like to go run errands or just go walk around stores in town to burn time AND just to get us out of the office for a few minutes.

Even when I have no money to spend, I could spend hours in bookstores, local health food stores, and some clothing stores :) It’s fun to just to see what’s new, what things are on sale (when I do have spending money), and I like just being able to walk through a place and really look at what they have…not to mention, it takes my eyes off my computer screen for a few minutes during the work day.


What stores could you spend hours in, regardless of whether you had money to spend?


  1. Grocery stores! Oh gosh – I already spend way too much time in there – but if I find a nice one that’s quiet and not too crowded…I could be in there for DAYS!

  2. Definitely Whole Foods, I love to just wander around and check out whats new! Yes, I’m a nerd

  3. Definitely grocery stores. I love, love them! Bookstores too. I can’t get enough books!

  4. I love just going to bookstores to check out new books! :D

  5. i can spend hours in Whole Foods, Winners, and Chapters!!

  6. I could spend hours in Whole Foods, Target, and sports/running stores

  7. Whole foods and Target are my kind of stores

  8. Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble, for sure!

  9. I’ll jump on the Whole Foods and Target bandwagon. I could also spend hours in just about any book store.

  10. SUR LA TAB! omg I love that store, and also whole foods and bloomingdales and target!

  11. Bookstores! I get lost every time I go in.


    great lunch by the way!

  13. Bed Bath & Beyond
    Home Depot

    Crazy, I know!

  14. barnes and noble. or any bookstore really. i just get so content and excited at the same time walking around when i’m in there!

  15. that’s nice that you and nick get out on your lunch break :) i need to try that, instead of eating at my desk every day! some stores i can spend hours in, spending $ or not, include whole foods (or ANY grocery store really! i love reading labels of new foods!), forever 21, barnes & noble and bed, bath & beyond. oh and ikea! haha. i love stores!

  16. I spend at least an hour in bookstores, even when I know exactly what i’m going for. I LOVE browsing!

  17. Barnes & Noble and Williams-Sonoma, for sure!

  18. Anthropolgie/Urban Outfitters, or any food or book store!

  19. target is dangerous – end of story.

  20. Whole foods, trader Joes and Target. I could wander those places for hours.

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