Dinner and Dessert

One day down, 3 to go!

Work today was really busy. I learned to do some new reports today, and had tons of emails to go through, submission to process, letters to send, and reminders to get out.

I finally reached into my snack drawer at work around 4 this afternoon.


I forgot I had a few little bags of these 100-calorie cocoa-almonds! They’re leftover from our Honduras trip this summer, and I love them. It was the perfect little afternoon snack to hold me over.

I honestly wanted a bigger snack, but I knew dinner would be quick once we got home and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite.

We got home to a MESS by Maggie – her specialty these days  :) She just has stuff everywhere when we get home, and I don’t blame her. I’m sad we’re not home with her during the day.

After washing the dishes and holding Maggie so Nick could sweep up the mess, I heated up some dinner.



I heated up the leftover chili, diced up some more red onion + avocado, and got the tortilla chips out of the cabinet.


I love how chili gets better as it sits. It tasted even better than it did last night.

And then dessert!

Before I got the chili ready, I put a dessert in the oven for us :)


I made sure to bookmark Mama Pea’s Almond Joy Cookie Bars, and finally got the stuff out to make them tonight.


I made a few changes to what I had one hand, and they were awesome.

  • For sweetness, I used a total of 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 Tbsp maple syrup, and 2 Tbsp agave
  • I used 1/2 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup regular
  • I didn’t use any extracts or almond milk


I’m on my second one, and Nick’s already had 4! I’d say they’re tasty :)


Nick and I are watching a puppy training video and waiting for 10 pm. We saw a few episodes of this show “White Collar” this weekend and really liked it, so we’re hoping we can stay up long enough to watch the new episode.

Do you think we can do it?!? :)

I’m crossing my fingers…



  1. I really want to try those cocoa almonds! They sound so good.

    The chili looks great, I love left over chili, always tastes better after it’s sat over night!

    Good luck staying up tonight!

  2. After your recomendation, I think I need thos bars in my life!

  3. i’ve never actually watched that show but i remember the previews looked awesome! i’m going to go have to find it online right now :)

  4. Those bars look a-mazing!

  5. The bars look terrific :-) would take a bite in no time! The cocoa cover almonds look yummie!

  6. I love those almonds, they’re such a great snack.

    Those bars look soo good!

  7. those almonds are amazing! i love putting them in plain greek yogurt for a nice mix of protein and healthy fat :)

    sounds like you had a super yummy day!!

  8. I totally think that with the aide of the cookie bars, you will be able to make it!! The “healthy” sugar will give you the energy to make it through the night!! :)

  9. That dessert looks amazing! We are fresh outta dessert in the house (guess who ate all the ice cream haha, oops!) so guess I’ll have to drool over yours instead ;)

    As for the pup, have you thought about crating during the day while you were gone? We are very lucky in that Lucy Dog is usually pretty good while we are away but I’ve had friends that have had much success with crate training….

    • We actually do put her in a crate during the day; we just had her in there with a dog litter box in case she needed to use the bathroom during the day ,but she just throws the litter everywhere :)

  10. I LOVE those almonds. I used to buy them all the time!

  11. Those cocoa almonds are great and I bought some for snacks for my conference this week.

    Sorry you puppy misses you so much and leaves messes to let you know. Just love her to bits when you are home.

  12. oh brandi…those bars look amazing! and yay for a quick and easy dinner – those are the BEST!

  13. Those Almond Joy cookie bars look delish!

    Most people don’t like leftovers, but I adore them! I think it’s awesome to come home from work and already have a homecooked meal prepared.

  14. beautiful dinner!! I would love a bowl of that!!

  15. i agree – chili tastes better the next day!

  16. those bars look fabulous!!! warm chocolaty desserts are the best

  17. I love those almonds too!

  18. wow those bars look incredible! and yes, i am extremely behind on blog reading :)

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