Dog Day

Today was fun!


Nick, me, Ross, and Jen and our dogs (Maggie, Rosie, and Jackson) went to the Falls Ridge Nature Preserve today to walk around and let the dogs meet each other.




They had so much fun walking around the place, plus, there’s a little waterfall and a short hike that we walked today.





Although the dogs got super muddy and they all jumped in the creek at different times, it was pretty fun to watch them play and run around.


We were there for a little over an hour – it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

On the way home from the preserve, I snacked on my first Amazing Grass peanut butter bar.


I’ve tried the regular chocolate ones (and love them) and this peanut butter was just as good! It had a great peanut butter flavor – not the fake pb flavor in a lot of bars. I’m sad I only have one more of these!

Once we got settled back in at home and finished giving Maggie a bath, I got started on dinner.




This was the perfect dinner for tonight. The weather turned chilly again once it got dark, so I wanted something warm and comforting for dinner.

I used almost all the baked beans we had with lunch yesterday in the chili. I knew we’d never eat all of them on their own, so I added all but about a cup to the chili mix.

What a great idea! They already had so much flavor from cooking together and sitting in the fridge overnight, so it really tasted like the chili had been cooking for hours.


And nothing beats a big bowl of chili with red onion, avocado, and some tortilla chips :)


15 minutes until How I Met Your Mother!!!

And one more load of laundry to fold…then I’m done for the night.


What’s your favorite chili topping?


  1. On chili, I looooove some full fat greek yogurt.
    Glad you got to try(and liked) that protein bar! It’s really one of my favorites and sooooo nutritious

  2. Greek yogurt and corn relish are my favorite toppings. Make it nice and creamy.

  3. Fun times with pups! I love taking my dog out and exploring.

    That chili looks delish! My favorite chili topping is cheese, and hot sauce of course.

    Have a great night!

  4. Oh chili…i love putting raw onions on top of mine!

  5. AW that does sound like a fun day! And a great way to end a chili night is with a big bowl of yummy chili! :)

    Happy that you had a great day hun!

  6. I go nuts with my chili: cheese, sour cream, avocado, chopped onion, the works!!

  7. What a fun sounding dog-date!

    I’m pretty simple with my chili — sliced green onions, and some shredded cheese.

  8. corn bread is my fave topping. does that count?!

  9. What a fun outing BUT UM I love the sounds of that Amazing Grass bar. Real PB taste is always a nice thing to have!

  10. That is my favorite amazing grass bar! Yum :-)

  11. sadly i don’t think i’ve ever had chili. i was never served it as a kid so i’ve never really gravitated toward it now.

    and that preserve place looks like it was so much fun!

  12. Cheese, onions, and avacado for me!

  13. That first picture looks like snot coming out of a nose.

    Am I the only one who saw that?

  14. That nature preserve looks so pretty! And I loved the choc amazing grass bar, so I bet the choc pb one is delicious! I guess I’m weird since I usually just eat my chili plain. Ha!

  15. Greek yogurt and hot sauce! Love chili…and the toppings are the best part…! Sounds like you and the pups had a fun outing…!

  16. so in love w. your doggie! what a FUN day
    fav chili toppin-greek yogurt for sure!

  17. Oh no, I didn’t record HIMYM last night :( Sad!

    Glad you had a good day with the puppy!

  18. girl, i ADORE these photos with maggie and the beautiful scenery! how fun. my favorite chili topper is corn bread or greek yog! xoxo

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