Day Off

Nick and I both have the day off today for MLK Jr’s Birthday, so we’re enjoying a lazy morning so far.

No alarm clock.

Breakfast in pajamas.

French press coffee.

Bacon and eggs.

And snuggling with Maggie :)


Nick made us some coffee, bacon, and eggs (with smoked paprika – yum), while I sliced up a cara cara orange for us to split.


Have you ever seen these oranges? I found them a few months ago, but hadn’t seen them in the store until Saturday – they’re so good! They’re pink inside like a grapefruit, but they just taste like the best orange you’ve ever had.


Right now, we’re all just hanging out on the couch, watching the news, and digesting :)

No real plans except for a puppy play date this afternoon! We’ll be going out later today with Ross and Jen and their dogs, Rosie and Jackson, for some fun outside time.

Maggie is going to have a blast – and the weather should be pretty nice today, so we’ll have fun getting out of the house.


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Best part of your weekend?

Mine had to be:

  • Glen Alton Farm with Nick and Maggie
  • Dinner last night with friends, good food, and awesome live/local music
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  1. Hooray for Mondays off–if only every week could be like that. Hope you enjoy your relaxing day–I sure will :-)

  2. I think the best part of my weekend was playing raquetball yesterday! Lol not a very exciting weekend…

  3. Mondays off are the best :-)

  4. Beautiful breakfast! Enjoy your day off!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful day! The best part of my weekend was having a family dinner on Saturday :)

  6. Yeah for days off. Too bad I’m sick on the couch for mine.

    My favorite thing this weekend was snowshoeing with Hunni yesterday.

  7. I’ve got a day off too, and it’s so nice to still be in PJs! Have fun at your puppy play date :)

  8. waking up with no alarm? heaven on earth!

  9. best part is that the weekend isn’t over yet!

  10. Enjoy your day off! :)

    Best part of the weekend: Playing in the rain puddles with the toddler! :)

  11. ah a perfect way to start the day. Enjoy your day off miss Brandi! xo

  12. Enjoy your day off!! What makes it even better? It’s HIMYM Monday :)

  13. Those oranges look/sound fantastic! Never heard of them before.

    Enjoy the day off and your puppy time! :)

  14. I used to eat Cara Cara oranges when I lived in Arkansas. I’ve never found them in NH.

  15. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holiday! Enjoy it and spending time with your puppy!

  16. Enjoy the day off! The Golden Globes were my favorite part of the weekend

  17. Sounds like a nice day off!

    I’ve never strayed from trying navel oranges, but thanks to the blog world, there are definitely some varieties I’d like to try.

  18. Sounds like the perfect morning! I’m jealous – sitting at work does not compare. :) I’ve never seen those oranges before but will have to be on the lookout for them, they look delish!

  19. Enjoy your day off! I am at work today :( but enjoyed an empty gym and traffic free drive to work

  20. mmm I love cara cara oranges. They are so pretty!

    My favorite part of this weekend was sleeping in and relaxing with Andy.

    Enjoy your day off! :O)

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