Super Sour

Good morning and happy Saturday!


We are ready for the weekend and decided to start it off right :)


I took my starter out of the fridge last night, added another cup of flour and warm water, and let it sit overnight.

Then this morning, I took one cup of the starter mix to make pancake batter, and poured the leftover starter back in my clean jar for next time.


See how foamy?


Nick cooked bacon and made coffee this morning while I worked on the pancakes.




Cast iron pans make the BEST pancakes. Try it.

These pancakes were so good and sour! Definitely better than the first batch of pancakes – mostly because the starter has had more time to “sour up”.


Nick made some coffee in our big french press today, using the Sumatra coffee we bought at Mill Mountain last night. It’s hard to beat fresh roasted, fresh ground, and french pressed coffee.




Big news in this house: I drank my coffee black today! Not really by choice…we were out of milk, cream, half n half, anything I could add to it. And honestly, this coffee was so good, it didn’t need anything.


I had 2 sourdough pancakes (which are also almost all whole wheat!) with a little maple syrup, 1 slice of bacon, and a clementine.



Next up:


Go get groceries.

Back home for a fun afternoon with Maggie :) We’re finally having good weather today, and we’re going to take advantage of it.



  1. Nothing better than pancakes on a Saturday morning!! Speaking of cast iron pan, I need to get mine from home still–I love it besides the fact it’s sooo heavy! Haha

  2. Wow those pancakes look amazing!

  3. Great breakfast!!! Happy Saturday!

  4. Those pancakes look awesome!

  5. Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to me! Enjoy your weekend. :)

  6. Your pup is adorable! Great pancakes!

  7. Yum, the pancakes look great!

    happy saturday!

  8. Sourdough pancakes sound so good! And so does that coffee, I always drink mine black, with just a bit of sweetner :)

  9. All my mom’s pancakes are made in cast iron and i agree they are the best.

  10. Looks, like I’m gonna need to get a cast iron pan!!!

  11. Cast iron skillets rock – I have 5!!

    Happy Saturday!

  12. i need to get some groceries too. and i think i’ve just added some more stuff to the list to make those pancakes :)

  13. The Pancakes look great. As always it is a delight to see Maggie’s cute little face :)

  14. those pancakes look well worth the extra effort.. nommm.

  15. Goodness – those are some of the most perfect looking pancakes I’ve ever seen! Deeelish, and making me very hungry ;)

  16. Pancakes. Coffee. Weekend. Perfection.

  17. WOW sourdough pancakes?! freaking yum!

  18. Yum! I love pancakes!

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