Friday Lunch Date

Nick and I walked out of the house on time today, but with no lunches in tow.

We had no leftovers to spare and not much to make a good sandwich.

We both agreed on a place for lunch before we even talked about it! As soon as he mentioned this place, I agreed because I was already thinking about it, too.


This place may not look like much from the outside, but it’s worth your time to visit.


This is our favorite local bakery – Our Daily Bread – and the one I talk about so much when we stop by for lunch time treats like cookies, scones, and French pastries.


On top of their selection of desserts and freshly baked breads, they also offer hot breakfast and lunch options every day that they’re open during the week. They normally have a few “hot” options for lunches and a variety of cold sandwiches and salads, as well.

Plus, the lunch and soup specials change each day, so you always have great choices.

I caved and got the same thing I had for lunch on Tuesday.


Hummus, lettuce and tomato on their fresh baked tomato focaccia bread. It’s just so good, and has a super thick layer of hummus.


My hot lunch date :) got a beef popover, finished my other sandwich (don’t ask), and had a chocolate chip scone with his meal.

Dessert for me?


A lemon macaroon.

I love lunch dates! It’s a nice break in the workday.


Do have a favorite local spot to eat?


  1. That looks like the fabulous lunch date! Full disclosure – Nick is kind of smoking in that picture!! I don’t have a lunch spot here yet but there is a salad bar at the co-op that looks ridiculous and once it’s spring (they only have outside seating) I think I might become obsessed.

  2. OMG that sandiwhc looks SO good! I was just writing on someone elses blog how i LOVE foccacia bread!! have you ever tried foccacia pizza?! its orgasmic! yes I have a few local places in my town that i LOVE and always crave :) nothing like comfort, right?

    happy friday!

  3. Lunch dates are so fun! I love going to my local Whole Foods and taking advantage of the salad bar!

  4. Yum, what a great lunch!

    I have few local spots but have not tried them out since going gluten free. I am still a bit nervous about dining out in general but I will get there one day.

  5. Yes: Tomasso. Best local italian food this side of italy! And all wild, local, or organic.
    I’m so eyeing Nick’s scone in the bottom of that picture. Look at those chocolate chips!

  6. Lunch dates are always fun! And a nice break from the workday. :)

  7. My favorite local place to eat here is an Italian place called DePalmas. The pasta is AWESOME.

  8. I want that chocolate chip scone!! Great lunch date for a Friday! :D

  9. Looks like a great lunch date indeed. I’m still lusting over that sandwich.

  10. I always eat lunch out on friday! Such a good way to end the week :-)

  11. That lunch looks amazing! What a perfect sandwich combo :)

  12. Oh my gosh that sandwich looks amazing. So does the chocolate chip scone :)

  13. That deli looks like a great place to have lunch!

    I really like this New York style restaurant/deli for lunches…they have amazing fresh bread and a wide variety of cheeses. And they make their own croutons for salads!

  14. awesome looking deli!! I love little places like that. They always seem to have the best food. For me, my favorite places is a little mexican restaurant that is about 10 from my place. They specialize in healthy mexican food! How awesome?! I look forward to it=) Hope your having a great Friday!

  15. that sandwich is a masterpiece!

  16. that sandwich looks soo yummy :)

  17. That lunch looks AMAZING. Like whoa.
    I definitely need to do more lunch dates. I don’t do them often enough at ALL. Missing out big time!

  18. Oh my that sandwich looks just as yummy as the first pic you posted.

    Our favorite little place was a coffee shop with great sandwiches that just closed. We’re going to have to find a new place.

  19. That lemon macaroon sounds heavenly–I actually haven’t had something lemon flavored in quite sometime come to think of it!

  20. Yay for lunch dates! What a great spot for good food! Totally jealous of that hummus sandwich.

    Mr. Spice and I have a few local spots we like, mostly because we can never decide on or agree on other places. :)

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