Dream Cookie

I am starving today!

My lunch was good, but did nothing for my gurgling stomach.



I had the last of my Kashi pizza from the other night and some leftover broccoli. The pizza tasted good, but it wasn’t crispy after being microwaved :(


Since Nick was still hungry too, we headed over to Barnes & Noble to get a snack and look around.


I got a Reese cup cookie and a small fat free hot chocolate.

For some reason, this cookie sounded amazing today! I’ve never tried it before and figured today should be the day.


Back to work – here’s hoping all this sugar makes the afternoon fly by! :)


If you could make your own dream cookie, what would it have in it? and do you ever have totally random days where you are just hungry all. day. long?


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  1. I think I’ve made my dream cookies: peanut butter and chocolate biscotti. Those things are unreal. I’m really happy a batch makes so many or else I’d have to make them every weekend!

  2. That pretty much is my dream cookie – reese’s cups were made by God specifically for my sweet tooth, I’m pretty convinced. ;-) I totally have my days where my hunger seems to be constantly knocking on the seemingly empty walls of my tummy! Your cocoa + fab cookie look like a yummy way to answer those knocks!

  3. My cookie would some how have to have peanut butter in it. Peanut butter is my all time favorite food hands down.

  4. Ahh that was totally me yesterday! I just couldn’t stop eating for the life of me sheesh… that cookie looks really really really yummy tooooo! :)

  5. I had days like that when i was pregnant ;)

    I like all cookies but my all time favorite that I created were Appledoodles. Snickerdoodles with cinnamon apples cooked on top. Fabulous. Actually, I have some apples in the fridge now so maybe I should make some. YUMMY!!

  6. I love my grandmothers welsh cookies.

  7. I totally have days when I’m a bottomless pit! Had one the other day actually. That cookie looks amazing! My dream cookie = peanut butter banana oat

  8. Cookies? I’m your basic chocolate chip kind of girl, but with dark chocolate. Yum!

  9. Hmm, a dream cookie… a wheat free cookie with big chunks of chocolate and bits of pretzels…

  10. My dream cookie is a simple crumbly/crunchy almond cookie with the magic property of being 100% calorie free :p

  11. Mmm I love Kashi pizzas, but I could see how they wouldn’t turn out in the microwave.
    I always have bottomless pit days! Usually it’s the days when I don’t pack enough snacks, too!

  12. definitely guilty of those bottomless pit days. hooray for the cookie! i think my dream one includes cinnamon and peanut butter :)

  13. Basically a chocolate chip cookie with reese’s cups thrown in too. ANYTHING with reese’s is amazing :-)

  14. I love triple chocolate cookies like the recipe I posted on my blog last week. You can’t go wrong with chocolate!

  15. that is my dream cookie! I love Reese’s.

    I totally have days where I am just hungry or unsatisfied feeling all day long. Drives me nuts!

  16. great question!!!
    dream cookie… vegan. ginger. chewy. chocolatly!

  17. It’s hard to recapture the crispy crust of leftover pizza. :(

    I never thought about a dream cookie, but I imagine it would have to include toffee.

  18. I love this question! My dream cookie would have dark chocolate, coconut, and cherries…Yum!

  19. Yes, today is one of those days. I want to eat EVERYthing in sight.

    My fave cookie would probably have marshmellows, choc chips, and some toffee in it. Mmmm.

  20. hmmm dream cookie would probably have figs and dates in them. and coconut. and chocolate. woah.

  21. That cookie does sound delish! Dream cookie?! Something like a strawberry cheesecake cookie I think :-)

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