In a Jam + Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted to try Crofter’s Organic Superfruit Spreads—a line of organic jam spreads made with Fair Trade sugar and super-premium fruits like wild-harvested blueberries and organic Morello cherries.

Crofter’s Superfruit Spreads has apparently just landed on grocery shelves, as well, so keep an eye out for them! 

Not only can you spread them on toast or throw a spoonful in your oatmeal for breakfast, they can be used into recipes and they have 1/3 of the sugar of traditional jams and jellies, and fewer calories per serving.

Crofter’s Superfruit Flavors authentically-sourced from around the globe:


  • North American blend: Classic Cranberry and Blueberry
  • South American blend: Exotic blend of Maqui Berry and Passionfruit
  • European blend: Old world Pomegranate and Black Currant
  • Asian blend: Bright blend of Yumberry and Raspberry

Don’t all the flavors sound awesome?

I was so excited when I saw the different varieties Crofter’s makes – it’s not often you find jams made with Pomegranate or Yumberries (which just sounds fun).

And although I love all the flavors, today’s choice was the North America blend, which has cranberries and blueberries.


Nick made us a complete breakfast this morning, and I knew this jam had to be involved :)



While Nick made coffee and cooked up some bacon and eggs for us, I broke down some clementines and got out one of my sourdough biscuits to have with the jam.


One reason I love this jam is that there are actually little blueberries in it – plus, it has a great texture and balance of flavors.


And guess what?

You can win your own Crofter’s prize pack!

In fact, 2 of you will win! I get to giveaway 2 multi-packs just like the one I received to sample.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite recipe / way to use jam

For additional entries:

  • Link back to this contest and let me know
  • Become a fan of Crofter’s Organic on Facebook and let me know
  • If you don’t have a blog, tell me your favorite flavor of jam


I’ll pick a winner Thursday – Good luck :)



  1. I absolutely love those crofters spreads… my favorite is the Yumberry one :) I’m a weirdo and eat jam on cottage cheese.

  2. My grandma use to always use jam on shortbread cookies.
    I am a plain jane, because I like it on toast with butter.

    Those flavors sound yummy!

  3. I also use jam on cottage cheese! Also, who doesn’t love thumb print cookies with jam in the middle…yum! :)

  4. english muffins or in thumbprint cookies. :)

  5. i love eating jam the clssic way- on pb(actually ab)&js!

  6. I LOVE making thumbprint cookies :) and just regular ole’ jam on toast!

  7. Ohh I’d love to try this. My favorite way of eating jam is on top of peanut butter toast!

  8. I love to spread jam on top of cream cheese on a slice of whole wheat toast — oh yummm!!!

  9. I love jams and jellies, especially when they are all natural and lower calories is always good too! I primarily ues them for desserts or on toast to spread. Thanks for the awesome give away!

  10. I love jam on toast or mixed into plain Greek yogurt :)

  11. I love mixing jam (with fruit chunks) into plain greek yogurt!

  12. PB&J oats is definitely my favorite way to enjoy jam! It’s my “grown-up” version of pb&j sandwiches ;)

  13. That Crofter’s Jam sounds amazing. When I use jam I like to keep it simple. I like to enjoy the flavor of the jam on a piece of toast or a biscuit. Jams and preserves always bring back memories of my Memaw who loved canning and making jams to share with everyone.

  14. Favorite way to use jam: just plain ole on a cracker. Reminds me of being a kid and sitting at the table with my grandmother. Makes me smile when I do this with my daughter (although she just licks the jam off the cracker and asks for more).

    My favorite flavor is blueberry. My husband’s although he is a big blueberry fan prefers raspberry. Go figure.

    If I win does it come with a sourdough biscuit? ;-)

  15. Their flavors sound wonderful. I would use the jam to top a round of brie and then bake it in the oven.

  16. I love jam! My favorite way to eat it is in a bowl with yogurt, fruit and granola. Or in PB&J cookie bars. Ha!

  17. I’m a classic girl…PB & J!

  18. With peanut butter or on oatmeal….yum!

  19. I love to stir a spoonful of jam into plain greek yogurt. I also recently just discovered that my daughter loves jam, so this would be a wonderful addition to her palate too!

  20. My favorite way to use jam is in a sandwich, with PB of course. It’s a classic, I love it, and there’s nothing better!

  21. I love jam on my toast as well as a dollop on my oats in the morning.

  22. I love jam on toast :)

  23. i love putting them in the centre of cookies at Christmas time. oh my. to die for.

    do canadians get to enter? if not, i totally understand!

  24. I love love love using jam with peanut butter! It’s classic but wonderful!

  25. I like it on top of plain yogurt for a natural, controlled sweetness

  26. I’m now a fan on facebook

  27. YUM!
    Lately I’ve been digging toast with cream cheese, pumpkin, and jam. Actually, I think I’m going to go make that right now!

  28. I’ve just started adding jam to oatmeal and I LOVE it, so right now that’s definitely my favorite way to use it. (Although it’s also delicious on scones, yum!) Thanks for the chance to win what looks like an awesome product :)

  29. I actually already follow them on Facebook!

  30. I have just begun to LOVE jam and light Laughing Cow together. It’s such a sweet and savory combination!

  31. Those sound really good!!!! Especially the yumberry – I’ve never had yumberries…

  32. I became their fan on Facebook… oh, and I forgot to mention my fav way to use Jam… I LOVE jam thumbprint cookies… oh, and toasted pb&J :-)

  33. My favorite way to use jam is to sweeten original flavor greek yogurt!

  34. I don’t have a blog, but my favorite flavor of jam is smucker’s cherry!

  35. Mmmm. I love using jams in savory dishes. I love mixing it into some vinegar and letting it reduce for a great reduction sauce.

  36. I am old school! Jam on toast and I am in HEAVEN!! :)

  37. i love pb & j oatmeal!

  38. and my favorite flavor is apricot, though i’ve been dying to try superfruit!

  39. I LOVE jam on pancakes. Sometimes I make very thin pancakes and fill them with jam, roll them up, and then sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Soooo good!

  40. i like using jam in stuffed french toast!

  41. I like jam on toast or bagels!

  42. I love jam with cream cheese on a bagel! Awesome combo!

  43. Oooh I’ve heard about Crofter’s – they look delicious!! My favorite way to use jam is either plain and simple on a thick piece of delicious bread or in jam thumbprint cookies! YUM! Have a lovely Tuesday Brandi!

  44. I really just love PB&J sandwiches. But my mother just gave me the PB&Co cookbook and there is a recipe for pb&j cupcakes in there that I might just have to try!! This jam would be perfect for that! The cranberry and blueberry one sounds amazinnggg!

  45. Honestly my favorite way to eat jam is on toast. Simple and delicious. It isn’t bad on top of oats either ;)

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  47. I honestly love jam on toast. Simple, yet amazing. It isn’t to shabby on oats either ;)

  48. p.s. I did a jammy link back!

  49. ooh I love jams and jellies and have been dying to get my hands on these!

    My favorite way to use jam is simple on a sandwich with peanut butter! :)

  50. I think that my favorite way to use jam is to make a grilled pb & Jam sandwich!!

  51. I am a fan of Crofter’s Organics on Facebook!!

  52. In high school (which was over a decade ago -eek!) my fav after school snack was plain yogurt and raspberry jam swirled in

  53. I don’t have a blog… but my favourite jam is my Mum’s homemade low sugar raspberry jam. I wish I had some now!

  54. I love jam and butter on toast. So yummy and simple! Looks like those jams are delicious!

  55. My fave way to use jam is to put apple jam on top of pancakes . . . so yummy!

  56. i became a fan on fbook!

  57. my fave flavor of jam is good old strawberry :D

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  59. I just linked this morning

  60. My aunt makes this awesome Chicken with blueberry or blackberry jam and spices. So yummy.

  61. Got to go with a good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted bread. Yummy! My favorite flavor is blueberry.

  62. My favorite way to use jam is in a good old peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich :)

  63. Jam is a must with breakfast foods – on bagels, english muffins, pancakes, toast, swirled in oatmeal. YUM! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I don’t have a blog, so I thought I’d mention that my favorite jams are marmalades! I like King’s Orange Marmalade, and there’s a great farm stand where we get all sorts of crazy jams and marmalades – grapefruit, lime, tangerine-ginger…..all very delicious!

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  66. Its boring but I just love spreading jam on bread.

  67. I love using jam as a marinade or topping for chicken!

  68. Gosh those flavors sound good. I fanned them on FB.

  69. My favorite way to use jam is spread onto Seeduction Bread (from Whole Foods) with peanut butter or Earth Balance.

    I also became a fan on facebook!

  70. i’ve seen those but haven’t tried them yet, what fun flavors!! while i do like my jam on toast, its also great on plain yogurt and cottage cheese, with a little wheat germ and flax for some crunch :)

  71. Excellent :)

    I love using jam in savory sauces, like my apricot dijon sauce for chicken & pork.

  72. I love to put jam on a toasted piece of bread with a salty cheese. The contrast is incredible and makes a great breakfast!

  73. I love it on top of a piece of peanut butter toast! Or right from the jar ;-P

  74. My hands down favorite way to use jam is to put it on toast with a smear of whipped cream cheese. So decadent and delicious!

    Those flavors sound amazing!

  75. fun giveaway, darling! fave way for jam is with PB in oats. thanks!!

  76. Great giveaway, Brandi! :) Since peanut butter & jelly are forever lovers, my all time favorite is a PB&J sandwich. I also use jam almost everymorning to stir into my cottage cheese! Sooo tasty.

    Thanks girl!

  77. Favorite way to use jam: mix it in to plain yogurt or cottage cheese!


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  79. I like jam on my english muffin and oats!

  80. I love topping plain yogurt with jam and granola.

  81. I know this is boring, but I LOVE PB&J!

  82. I make these cinnamon-y muffins that have jam in the centre. When they are baked the jam almost explodes out of them. So delish!

  83. cottage cheese and toast! i became a fan of Crofter’s too!

  84. I just tried the N. American one and it was great! I really hope i get to try the others!

    i love using jams on bagels, in oats/meal or in thumbprint cookies!

  85. sorry I havent been commenting.
    i have been reading!

  86. oooh my fave way to have jam is on top of a rice cake with peanut butter smeared on it too!

  87. Thanks so much for the opportunity!! I was never a jam/jelly person until just a few months ago when I decided to buy some strawberry fruit preserves..then I fell in love :) My favorite way to use jam is spread over a Laughing Cow cheese wedge on top of toast! YUM.

  88. I became a fan of them on facebook!

  89. I don’t have a blog, so my favorite flavor is strawberry!! Pretty common one but it’s just SO good!

  90. I love jams with texture and visiable fruit pieces. These look and sound wonderful. My fave use of jam is old school PB&J!

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  92. what can i say, i’m lame-i love a plain ol’ almond butta n jelly:)

  93. jam on a toasted whole-wheat english muffin is amazing :) it gets all warm–yumm. i would love to try some on oatmeal, too, but i have been unable to find good, organic jam. seems like this could be the answer to my question!

    (i also have a blog so i will link back)

    have a lovely day!xox

  94. I like to mix a little jam with my greek yogurt.

    Also, my favorite flavor is apricot.

  95. I have ALWAYS wanted to try this jam. My favorite recipe highlighting jam is Peanut Butter and Jam Blondies! :) Soooo good.

  96. What a fun giveaway!! I absolutely love jam — hope to make it myself someday :) My favorite way to use it is in oats with nut butter…or perhaps just on bread. You can’t go wrong there, either.

    Thanks, Brandi!

  97. My favorite way to use jam is in traditional PB&J’s! I have one at least everyday! :)

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  99. i love jam in yogurt messes!! sooo good!


  100. my fave way to use jam is in my vegan desserts as a sweetener!

  101. i fanned crofter’s on FB
    My FB name is Averie S.

  102. i love jam on toast n crackers!

  103. I can’t WAIT to cook with this. you know runny yolks and cheese or kabocha might be involved! :D

  104. these look DELICIOUS! i have been eyeing them up everywhere. one of my fave ways to use jam is actually over vanilla ice cream – its delicious!!!!

  105. Everyone in my family is so funny about jam… whenever we travel, we pick up a jar! We seriously have shelves and shelves of our pantry devoted to it. I love it on bread, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches… just about everywhere!

  106. (I think my comment just disappeared… sorry if this is a duplicate!)

    We’re all crazy jam lovers in my family and purchase a jar from every travel destination. I love it on sandwiches, plain bread, straight from the jar… you name it, I’ll eat it!

  107. Everyone in my family is so funny about jam… whenever we travel, we pick up a jar! We seriously have shelves and shelves of our pantry devoted to it. I love it on bread, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches… just about everywhere!

  108. I love to make AB&J oatmeal! Almond Butter or White Chocolate Wonderful & Jam mixed into oatmeal! So yummy…

  109. I love Jan on everyrthing.. my almond butter sand… my pancakes… and just a heaping spoon of it :)

  110. Oh, and my favorite jam flavor is either Raspberry or Marionberry (found in Oregon & Washington)!

  111. I love Jam with Brie–on crackers, in a sandwich…really want to try this stuff!

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  113. My favorite way to use jam is on top of cottage cheese or yogurt, or spread with cream cheese on a bagel.

  114. And my favorite flavor of jam is raspberry!

  115. May Canadians enter? My favourite way to use jam is on fresh homemade bread.

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  117. I became a fan on Facebook and linked back on my blog.

  118. jam and bread, just like they sing in sound of music!!!

  119. those all sound delish! i love jam in pb&j oats and sandwiches, but one of my fave ways to eat it is on top of a graham cracker with a little bit of cream cheese too!

  120. Jam is best on toast with either PB or AB ..mmm YUM! I also put jam in my oatmeal or have some with yogurt or cottage cheese!

  121. I’ve never actually used jam in oatmeal….but I want to! I eat PB in my oatmeal EVERY single morning. Jam would be the perfect way to jazz it up!

  122. I love adding a scoop of jam to plain yogurt and I love boysenberry jam!

  123. My fav way to use jam would have to be the standard PB and J sammy!! I have been wanting to try these spreads for awhile–they sound great!

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