Doctor’s Orders

Wouldn’t it be great if doctors prescribed things like yoga, hummus, and homemade bread?

That’s kind of how my day turned out :)

I took the day off work to get a bunch of stuff done, including a vet trip for Roxy and some appointments for me. I hate having days like this where I’m just going from one place to the next, but I do like being able to get everything done in one day so I guess it’s a trade off.

As soon as we finished eating breakfast, Nick and I put Roxy in her carrier and drove into town so she could get her next round of shots. It went okay, but she does not like being in strange places. Or needles. Or other people, really.

After we were done in the vet’s office, Nick headed off to work and I took Roxy back home. I didn’t have to leave the house for another 2 hours, so I played with Maggie for a bit and finally baked my next sourdough bread trial.

As for the bread – it didn’t really rise how I expected it to, but it also wasn’t a normal yeast bread recipe.

Either way, it is awesome. It is so sour! Much more than the other night and much more than I thought it would be. I think the flavor is definitely there – I just need to get more practice.

I left the house again right at 12 to do a bunch of stuff – fill up the car, get my bangs trimmed, sell some cds, go to my doctors appointments, buy some eggs, pick up lunch, and run by the post office.

It was a busy afternoon! I got home a little after 3 and played with Maggie for another couple of hours.

She. was. crazy this afternoon – seriously, going nuts. It was funny to watch her just run from room to room and growl at things like the trash can and fridge :)

While I was trying to watch her play, I ate a very late lunch.


I stopped by Our Daily Bread on my way out of town and got a hummus and veggie sandwich on some of their fresh-baked tomato bread.


Yum. I had a bunch of celery on the side and swiped the hummus out of the sandwich with each little piece ;) It made it fun!

After playing with Maggie a bit more, I gave her part of her dinner in her kennel while I tried out my new yoga mat!


I won this Aurorae yoga mat in a blog giveaway a week or so ago, and I was so excited to try it tonight. The other mat I had was like 8 or 9 years old – it was definitely time for a new one!

The verdict?

I love it! It’s so much thicker and stickier than my old one. And I love that it has the focus point printed right on the mat.  I did both series on Polly’s yoga DVD today just because I didn’t want to stop after the first one was over – it was fun using the new mat.

Nick ended up having to stay a bit late at work, so Maggie and I played fetch in the house for a while until he got home.


I heated up some of the bangers + beans from last night, steamed some green beans, and sliced up some of my homemade sourdough for dinner :)


This bread is so good! It may not be the prettiest, but it is sour and I love it.


And dessert?

The doctor may not have prescribed this, but I’m having it anyways.

One Barefoot Contessa Blondie coming up!



  1. I bet Ina’ makes some darn good blondies

  2. I’m officially transferring doctors :) Imagine how there were some magic peanut butter pill?!

  3. Oh my gosh, that tomato bread looks amazing!

  4. Yum that blondie must have hit the spot!

  5. Ooo Blondies! Good doctor orders :-)

  6. That sandwich looks AMAZING.

  7. Veggie and hummus sandwich — yum!

  8. Your sandwich looks so good!! And good job with the bread. I give you a lot of credit for giving that a shot!

  9. mmm i love fresh made sourdough!

  10. I LOVE the Aurorae mat, it is seriously the best mat ever I am convinced!!!! I got one a few weeks back and have never looked back, so wonderful :) Great company, fully support all they do and am looking forward to trying some more of their products!!!

  11. The baked tomato bread looks amazing!! Glad you got a lot done today!!

  12. Haha, just what the doctor ordered! That focaccia looks pretty darn good!

    by the way, I’ve been meaning to ask…where do you get your Nature’s Pride bread? As you know I won a year’s supply of their bread, but I don’t have any in my area, so I wanted to send the free coupons to my bro, but he says he couldn’t find it at Krogers…

  13. It would be great if the doctor prescribed those things! That hummus sammie looks so good, glad your bread was delish!

  14. I am glad you liked the new yoga mat!

    Hope everything went well with your dr. visits!

  15. Glad you liked the yoga mat! I’m using mine tonight and looking forward to it!

  16. That sandwich sounds out of this world. I love bread like that. And your sourdough bread sounds great too!

  17. ooh your hummus and veggie sandwich is totally making me hungry. I have been craving tomato bread lately!

    I lvoe sourdough when it’s sour tasting. it’s delicious!

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