Burger Love + Soup Winner!

I love the Morningstar Farms Black Bean burgers.


They make the perfect salad topper!


Tortilla chips don’t hurt, either ;)

Since I have these burgers, chips, and avocado in the house, the only thing I’ve wanted the past couple of days is a big salad like this.

  • romaine
  • carrot
  • corn
  • avocado
  • red onion – BEST addition
  • black bean burger
  • salsa
  • chips


Work has been pretty busy this morning! I’ve been plugging along with Maggie sleeping by my side.

I’ve got to eat, take her for a walk, and get back to it – I’ve still got a few things I need to get done this afternoon.

…and more bread is in the works! I’m crossing my fingers for this one*


Souper You Package Winner!

Sarah B.

2010/01/07 at 3:49pm

I love lentil soup! I always eat my soup out of a bowl.

Congrats Sarah! Please email me your address so I can your winnings to you!


What’s your favorite salad topper?


  1. The pictures don’t work for me :-(
    I used to love those veggie burgers. Now my go-to are the flame grilled ones by gardenburger. not quite from a “grill” but still yum!

  2. I think my favorite salad topper is a nice piece of grilled wild salmon. Mmmm…

  3. Avocado is definitely my favorite! Followed closely by chicken & almonds…your salad looks super tasty though…kind of have lunch envy!

  4. I like hummus on salad, or sun dried tomatos, Ooooo or the new sea salt and pepper croutons I just found.

    What, no picture of Maggie!?!?!
    I love her.

  5. I love salads like that so much! I probably eat them way too often.

  6. I think you are awesome because you think the red onions were the best addition to the salad. I love red onion!!! it adds so much to a salad.

  7. That salad looks awesome!

  8. Hummus and hot sauce and lots of banana peppers!

  9. I need to branch out in my salad fixins – thank you for the recommendation! Much more filling, too. Yum :)

  10. I love those burgers– I never thought of using them as a salad topper, but I bet it’s great!!

  11. Your salad is gorgeous! My favorite way to top salads is with something chewy/sweet and something salty/crunchy. I mostly go wtih raisins or dried cranberries for the chewy/sweet and almonds or toasted walnuts for the salty/crunchy.

  12. Gorgeous salad!! I never think to put a burger on top.. yumm!! :)

  13. Now that’s my kind of salad. It looks picture perfect! Just like a restaurant salad I ordered the other week, only probably better. I might have to hire you to make my salads from now on ;)

  14. that salad is pretty as a picture! Well, I suppose it is a picture. Meh. You know what I mean!

  15. Great way to serve burger…I always serve it on a bed of green :-) Nice pictures!

  16. amazing salad! I love black bean burgers too. Favorite salad topper: probably cucumbers and olives and feta cheese! I love to go greek!

  17. I don’t think I’ve met a salad topper (hence my blog to share my love of salads!) that I didn’t like! You name it, I love it! Avocado and salsa really complete a salad for me.

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