Bangers + Beans

I had a doozy of a day, how about you?

To tell you the truth, my day was extremely frustrating. I had a hard time with Maggie this afternoon and work was pretty busy…it’s just been too long of a day, know what I mean?

But – I’m letting it go.

Work is over, Maggie is doing great now, dinner was good, and I got some fun mail today that totally turned my mood around (and thankfully, that happened before Nick got home to a crabby and cranky Brandi!)


Our dinners the past two nights were both from the Dollars to Donuts cookbook, using the leftover pork from the roast recipe I made last weekend.

Last night, I made the Pork, Currant & Pine nut Pasta for our friends, and it was great! I would have never thought to put those ingredients together, but they made a delicious pasta sauce.

Tonight’s dinner also utilized the pork – the last of it, actually – and Nick and I both LOVED this dinner.



So hearty!


I served mine on a slice of Nature’s Pride Honey Wheat bread with some broccoli on the side.


Another winner from this cookbook!


The package I got today was from my mom.

She mailed us the candy and little gifts that had been in our Christmas stockings at their house – it was so fun to see Christmas candy wrappers and open a few small gifts today.


Nick and I both got some candy, and I got Julie & Julia (the DVD), a little I Love Lucy calendar for my purse :) and, as always, Jelly Bellys. I love Jelly Bellys – probably my favorite candy.

I’m pretty sure this candy will be dessert tonight. AND there’s an all new How I Met Your Mother!!! One more hour – it’s gonna be legen…wait for it… ;)


See you tomorrow – I have another fun giveaway planned!


Let’s focus on the positive: What were the best parts of your day today?


  • opening up these little gifts and candy
  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • finding out some exciting family news
  • Maggie sleeping by my side while I worked this morning
  • Nick complementing our dinner tonight


  1. it’s great that you focused on the positive side of your day and made a hearty dinner to reward you for a long/tough day! :)
    Julie & Julia is great, hope you enjoy it! ;)

  2. I got both my parents to eat and like tempeh
    I tried a new food(spaghetti squash) and loved it
    I did a lot of work on my website
    and… that’s what comes to mind
    Those beans and bangers look so delicious!

  3. Aw! I love your list cause mine looks similar. I got a card in the mail from my mom today with a cat calendar. I’m so stoked :)

  4. Best part of my day….

    I drank 10 glasses of water

    Worst part of day….

    Low on toilet paper

  5. the good in my day…
    I found more internships to apply for in the MD/VA/DC area for the Summer!
    Also got my hair cut (FINALLY) because though I hate to admit it, the ends needed it desperately and though I dont have a good salon I popped in a random one and they got the job done :-)
    Tomorrow will get better, and the puppy stage is totally frustrating, but it too will pass!

  6. i made whole wheat brownies-and they’re deliicious! (i was worried!)

  7. Oohh Julie and Julia — so good! I love that movie :)

  8. I love Julie and Julia! such a good positive movie! The beans on toast looks fabulous! Good job focusing on the positive today. Best part of my day: helping the kids at the day care I work at, and receiving lots of hugs!

  9. Sorry you had a bad day, but that dinner does look pretty amazing :-)

  10. how do you manage to make something as grotesque as pork and beans look so damn pretty?

  11. Mmm bangers & beans?!! Sounds right up my alley…! Sorry your day wasn’t so fabulous but yay for it turning around in the end there!

  12. Sorry you had a rough day!! Tomorrow can only get better :)

  13. I’m sorry that you had a frustrating day! My positive: I accidentally put my cell phone in my sister’s purse this morning before I left work. And fortunately she found it before she left my parent’s house and drove the four hours back to Blacksburg (she has to be back early for sorority recruitment). So I’m thankful she fixed my mistake :) Though an “excuse” to visit Blacksburg (and More Than Coffee) would be welcomed!

    Good luck with Maggie!

  14. Aw, what a nice thing for your Mom to do!

  15. Can’t wait to hear how you like Julie and Julia– I got it for my stepsister for Christmas!

  16. I got Julie & Julia for Christmas too! I just watched it again tonight. I love it so much!! Your dinner looks so interesting!

  17. -After a weekend yoga retreat, went to coreyoga class and rocked it like never before!
    -Went to the gym afterwards and fit in both weights and cardio!
    -Got up early enough to make myself delicious vegan french toast!
    -Made my first chocolate-avocado smoothie!
    -Talked with my best friend for 3 hours straight (and showed her all my favorite food blogs)!
    -iChated with my other best friend who is currently in England!
    -Made vegetarian stuffed peppers for dinner, plus extra so the rest of the fam could join them later!

  18. Best part of my day was spending time with friends from seminary and enjoying catching up.

  19. So what is this exciting family news you speak of?!?! Hope all is well! Loved the recipe!

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