Bacon + Biscuits

Operation Sourdough Biscuits was a success!


Last night, I made the “sponge” which was just the started I’d been feeding all week plus 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of warm water. I let that sit in a bowl on the counter all night, covered.

While I made the biscuits this morning, Nick made some bacon gravy to have with them.


I love weekend breakfasts :) We can take all the time we want, stay in pajamas until 11 am, and just relax with our coffee.



We also had clementines and some coffee that Nick ground in his new fancy grinder. It was delicious!


The biscuits are so chewy! They’re very different than the normal butter-or-crisco-in-the-dough biscuits; they’re not very flaky, but they still have a great texture.

The strangest thing about making these biscuits compared to normal recipes is that there is no fat in the dough itself – no butter, no crisco.

But…after you cut out the biscuits you dip each one in warmed bacon fat before baking.


Yum. I think this is a great way to kickoff the weekend  :)


We’re going to look at a chain link dog pen for Maggie in a few hours – so I’ve got to milk this relaxing morning for all its worth!


  1. I love that you made your own biscuits! Maggie looks so cute in that picture. Happy weekend!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful breakfast!!!

  3. Mmm biscuits and gravy?! So delish. Sounds like a perfect start to the weekend…!

  4. oh Brandi those look absolutely lovely! Happy Saturday, girl :)

  5. What a great picture of Maggie!

  6. yay for sourdough! i always feel like i did some sort of magic when i make it

  7. The pictures of Maggie get better and better,

    I remember last week, the only pictures you could get she was sleeping.

  8. Hoooray for Saturdays!

    Maggie is adorable!

  9. omg…biscuits and gravy are a total foodie weakness of mine. LOVE it. Those biscuits look phenomenal! Ive been curious about sourdough starters…looks like you have an awesome method going on, id love to know!=) Take care!!

  10. Awesome breakfast!

    Maggie is soooo cute!

    Happy Saturday!

  11. Maggie is so photogenic.

    Nothing like a good southern breakfast.

  12. Those look really good! Your pictures are lovely ;)

  13. Looks like those biscuits turned out great!!

  14. Aw, what a yummy way to start the weekend! Pup is looking adorable as always :-)

  15. Those biscuits look fabulous! And what an adorable dog! Have a good weekend :)

  16. Those biscuits look great! What a fun weekend breakfast :-)

  17. sourdough is amazing so those biscuits look fantastic!! hope you have a great weekend :)

  18. Sounds like a great way to kick off the weekend. Sourdough biscuits are my favorite!!!! Enjoy the relaxing weekend ;D

  19. that is a frame-worthy shot of your little one! the biscuits look awesome.

  20. I bet that breakfast tasted even better knowing that you had been “prepping” it all week. Great reward if you ask me ;)

  21. Your photos look so professional!

  22. Yum! Your breakfast looks so delicious.

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