Last of the Mac-hicans

Happy Friday!!! I’m so ready for the weekend – this is our first full weekend home with Maggie, and I have fun baking plans, as well :)

That coffee this morning? Amazing.

Too bad I left my travel mug on the counter :\ I’m really excited to have more tomorrow, though!

Today’s lunch was leftovers for me and Nick and we finished off the mac’n’cheese.


I added extra broccoli to mine again and had a clementine on the side.




These are the best kind of leftovers – pasta is always good!


I loved hearing about your appliances, and have to say…I had appliance envy for all of you that said your Kitchenaid mixer. That’s one thing I don’t have – a stand mixer! It’s on my wish list for whenever we get a bigger kitchen.


What’s one kitchen appliance you don’t have that you really want?

Kitchenaid mixer, hands down for me.


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  1. Your lunch looks delicious! :-)

  2. An espresso machine!

  3. I say the same appliance as you

  4. A Vitamix. I drool over them in the stores!

  5. I am the same…I joke that that is the only reason I want to get married – get a stand mixer! ;-)

  6. i’m getting a kitchenaid for my wedding! so excited. six months to go….

  7. We have our eye on the programmable cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker!

  8. I have limited counterspace too, when I have a bigger kitchen kitchen aid mixer is on my wish list too!

  9. I reeeeeally, really want a full sized food processor. Like, would do anything to get one… :(

  10. Yeah I really want a mixer and a processor. And a regular coffee maker (we have a french press) and about a billion other things I can in no way afford…sigh
    Happy Friday!

  11. ooh, i have a stand mixer, but i covet a blender. and not just any blender ;) i feel like i have to wait for a bigger kitchen or getting married…. we’ll see which comes first!

  12. I’d love a vitamix! I have a regular blender, but it just doesn’t seem to be as awesome :) I have a kitchenaid mixer, I was afraid to buy one because they are quite pricey, but my husband talked me into it! We had a 30% off coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond + they were offering a free attachment up to a $60 value with every purchase….so it turned out to be a great deal and has paid for itself over the last year as I’ve started making all of our own bread!

  13. You should definitely get a KitchenAid mixer. I have the black one and loooooove it. Gluten-free flours can be really tough to mix and after I’d broken 2 mixers, I caved and bought it. I’m really glad I did.

    I actually can’t think of an appliance I really want. Matt loves to play around in the kitchen and we just got a smoker and I got a juicer in December. I guess I’m going to say a french press since I love coffee.

  14. Definitely a vita-mix….waay too pricey for me though!

  15. Ugh, I reallllly want the Kitchen Aide mixer as well!! I just got a food processor for x-mas and am SO excited because before that I was using my tiny little magic bullet!

  16. I want a KitchenAid mixer too, which is dumb because I hardly ever bake, haha! I REALLY want a Vitamix and a juicer.

  17. MMM, that mac & cheese looks good! I had some today, too… but with fake cheese AND fake noodles. So… not really the same at all, I guess!

    An immersion blender or juicer would be GREAT. Our toaster is also broken… I’ve been using the oven for the past few months!

  18. Soft serve ice cream maker.

    Ok probably not….an immersion blender, vitamix, or juicer.

    No I’m going with the first one–soft serve ice cream maker!

  19. I REALLY want a food processor and a spiralizer.

  20. I love my kitchenaid mixer but it is really hard to deal with in a small apartment. I cannot wait until we have a big kitchen and romm for all of our appliances!

    that mac and cheese with broccoli looks delicious!

  21. I want one of the Keurig machines. I had one at seminary and loved it. I only drink a cup or two a week so it is perfect

  22. I didn’t think of a mixer! I definitely want one of those.

  23. mmm the leftovers look yummy. i really want a panini press! the one with the removable plates.

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