Caffeine Needed

Good morning!

After Roxy kept trying to come upstairs last night, Nick put her in his lap and I tried to make Maggie cuddle with me on the other side of the couch. It worked okay,  I guess; Maggie mostly just stared at Roxy, whined, and tried to get out of my arms.

It’s something, I guess! And at least they’re not totally fighting or anything.

I slept through my alarm today, so I didn’t get up until Nick’s went off. But it was early enough that I didn’t really have to rush this morning.

All I knew was that I wanted coffee!


I made us some of the Jamaican Blue Mountain blend coffee this morning and make me some oatmeal with that chocolate coffee bean trail mix.


Here’s one shot of her from this morning –


Let’s see how she does today!


  1. Your title totally summed up how I felt this morning — caffeine was absolutely needed!

  2. She is just so adorable! :)

  3. Maggie and Roxy will be BFFs in no time – I can feel it ;)

  4. We went through a rough initial meeting with the cat and dog over the holidays too…a lot of hissing! But now all is well…just takes time!

  5. I needed a good caffeine jolt this morning too! Oh, Maggie and Roxy will be best buds soon!

    Love your blog!

  6. chocolate coffee bean trail mix?!?!?! which brand?

    and yes, i could totally go for another cuppa joe right now :)

    have a great day girl!

  7. Aw, I am sure they will be good friends in no time. They are both probably just having a little jealousy. She sure is cute, though :)

  8. Roxy thinks its her house and Maggie just wants to play. Our dogs are the same way when we visit my mom’s house.

  9. MUST find that trail mix!!!
    I’ll bet the animals will be buddies in no time, cats are just finicky and dont adjust to change well

  10. aww i love the puppy pic

  11. aww, such a cute little puppy face! we had to have an “adjustment period” after we got our puppy, too – it has been almost a year and they are almost completely capable of getting along, now! :-)

  12. She looks sleepy in that pic. So adorable :)

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